Turn strangers into friends. And, friends into paying customers.

Business websites that truly work evoke trust as a number one priority. Websites allow potential and existing customers, and other stakeholders can find the information they need. Websites also allow customers to effectively communicate with you.

At Surf Pacific, we take a 360° perspective in regard to your online presence. Consumer mindsets are changing, and so too are the demands of web design. Our full-service team of experts in web design, development, web content and search engine optimisation will work closely with you to understand your needs and create a bespoke website tailored to the demands of your profession and the changing consumer mindset.

Together, we can create a visually stunning and user-friendly custom website that will set your business apart from the rest in the digital world.

Websites That Convert

Gold Coast & Brisbane Web Design Specialists

Building a website that looks great is one thing, but building one that converts website visitors into paying customers is what sets a Surf Pacific website apart. What you can expect from our experienced web designers:

  • Mobile first web design
  • Fully responsive development
  • Content written to convert leads
  • Optimised for search engines


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Web Design

One Vision. One Team. One Website

Our in-house web design and development team will tailor a user-focused website that brings your brand essence to life. This will help your business stand out from the crowded online marketplace. Our experienced marketing team will ensure your goals, vision and customers are understood in detail. This will ensure we develop a website that is optimally poised to reach your market.

  • Mobile-first design to reach the widest audience possible
  • Fast-loading pages to ensure you retain customer attention
  • Access to a wide selection of professional stock photography and video

Jim Ironside | Client Since '01



Your account manager will deliver Content Management System (CMS) upon completion of your new website. This will allow you or nominated team members to make small changes, add content, and submit/edit new blog posts. We provide full training, to ensure you don’t have to pay each time you want to make an adjustment to your website.

  • Simple to use, as no web coding experience is necessary
  • Update content specifically for your website
  • Comprehensive training provided


websites use WordPress

Web Development

Expert team, exceptional websites

Our expert development team works to keep site goals clear and anticipate your audiences needs. Technical decisions about your site will based off your brands personality. Your website will reflect your brands key messages. Each Surf Pacific website is SEO optimised, mobile responsive and designed to deliver an unparalleled user experience. At each stage we ask: Is the key message clear? Is the content accessible? Is the experience positive? This is why Surf Pacific sites are so sales-generative.

  • All sites are set-up to win on Google through SEO
  • Built for measurement, evaluation and easy to change
  • Content is never forced into counter-intuitive groupings

Mark Hanikeri | Client Since '19

We've had over:


hours of web design


team members


client websites live


yrs website experience


Search Engine Optimised

Did you know inbound leads can lower the cost of lead generation by 61% versus outbound leads. Excellent SEO lowers your advertising costs. We will ensure your web design and web development seamlessly integrate with your long-term SEO plan and ROI requirements.

  • Gain new customers with search engine visibility
  • Marketing strategy
  • In-house local team

Marriott & Hand | Clients Since '12

Mobile Friendly

Mobile First

Mobile first design assures your website is responsive, so customers on any device can access your website. No matter if it’s a TV, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Device. It compresses and simplifies your web information down into a much more manageable and viewable chunk. It is likely that most customers will be searching for you on mobile. Which is why our mobile first approach is so effective. Mobile device searches worldwide is on the rise.

  • Mobile-first website design delivers the right user experience (UX) to the right screen
  • We prioritise website elements to deliver optimum viewing experience
  • Search engine optimised across all devices


of web traffic is from mobile devices


Setup shop online

The most important e-commerce features are included into Surf Pacific’s mobile-first website approach. This includes:

  • Content management capabilities
  • Promotion and discount code tools
  • An easy-to-use checkout (to maximise sales capability)
  • Search engine optimised code and layout
  • Comprehensive sales reporting tools
  • An integrated blog or articles section
  • Email marketing integration

We offer the total online store experience.

  • Overcome geographical limitations
  • Eliminate travel time and cost
  • Enable deals, bargains, coupons, and group buying offers


Maximise your website potential.

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Website Prices & Plans

One of our core values is transparency. Unlike many agencies who withhold their pricing model we believe in being completely open in all aspects of our business. Here you will find a complete pricing guide for our stand-alone website solutions.

Contact Sales
Landing Page Master Website eCommerce Website
 Discovery Session
Discovery Session
 No. of Content Pages
No. of Content Pages 1 up-to 35 up-to 35
 No. of Product Pages (eCommerce)
No. of Product Pages (eCommerce) n/a n/a up to 50
 Custom Design (2 rounds of revision)
Custom Design (2 rounds of revision) -
 Licensed Paid 'Royalty Free' Stock Images
Licensed Paid 'Royalty Free' Stock Images
 J-Query Functionality
J-Query Functionality Limited Optional Optional
 Web Font Licences
Web Font Licences Optional
 Implement Content Management System (CMS)
Implement Content Management System (CMS) -
 Fully Responsive Design + Development
Fully Responsive Design + Development
 Program Database Structure for Image Gallery/Online Shop
Program Database Structure for Image Gallery/Online Shop n/a n/a
 Set-up eCommerce System for Online Purchasing
Set-up eCommerce System for Online Purchasing n/a n/a
 Implement Secure Payment Gateway for Online Purchasing
Implement Secure Payment Gateway for Online Purchasing n/a n/a
 Full copy-writing service
Full copy-writing service
 On-page SEO Integration
On-page SEO Integration Limited
 Form Integration
Form Integration
 Auto-response enquiry email
Auto-response enquiry email -
Hosting + Maintenance
Hosting + Maintenance
Included Additional Additional
 Website and Email Hosting
Website and Email Hosting Included Additional $1,080 p/a POA
Reporting + Analysis
Reporting + Analysis
 Fully automated Google Analytics Reports
Fully automated Google Analytics Reports - Monthly Monthly

Website Design & Development FAQs

We understand that building a new website can be confusing. So we have put a list together, containing some commonly asked questions. This will help you understand the ins and outs of website development.

A visually pleasing, user-friendly, and easily navigated website can significantly enhance the customer’s perception of the company, instilling trust and credibility in the brand.

Conversely, a business that neglects the importance of good web design, risks losing potential customers and falling behind the competition.

Furthermore, a well-designed website can improve the user experience, facilitating the customer’s journey through the website, and thereby increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales.

Additionally, a website’s design can play a crucial role in search engine optimisation (SEO). This is a critical element of the process, making the website more easily discoverable by search engines and increasing its visibility to potential customers. Our team keeps this in mind, creating websites that are not only beautiful but functional. 

As much as we aim to aesthetically please, our primary goal is to create a responsive and optimised masterpiece, ensuring that your website will be easily found by search engines and thus your target audience.

Right here. When it comes to designing and building commercially robust and profitable websites, experience matters. Surf Pacific have developed thousands of active sites throughout its 20 years in business. This experience translates to many learned successes and failures. This provides our expert team with a lens of the ‘do’s’ and ‘do not’s’ that go into each new site we build.

Our website development team will work closely with you to strategise and develop new ideas. First, we identify the direction your business needs to take in pursuit of your most ambitious goals. Then we make them happen using every applicable application, feature or design ethos.

Content certainly takes centre stage eventually. However not before a business is set up with a professional website that echos the values of its brand. When it comes to customers, first impressions last. So the importance of making an impact cannot be underestimated. Our production team will recreate your business image through your new website. This will ensure it is flexible and functional and can be seen by the widest possible audience.

User experience is important because it aims to fulfil the prospects and customers needs. It seeks to deliver positive experiences that keep a user loyal to the product or brand. In addition, a meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your website. These customer journeys will aim to be most conducive to your business success.

Business websites that work, evoke trust as a number one priority. A website is important because it’s the epicentre where customers, and other stakeholders can find you. Your website will have the information they need to effectively communicate with you. Websites give businesses their own unique online footprint. Websites are also great at interlinking with every other form of digital marketing. Whether SEO, PPC, CRO or Social Media Campaigns.

The same as it’s always been, except with a few 2023-honed features and applications, such as Mobile-First and CMS. The best websites understand their customers and respect their needs and preferences. A company’s website should quickly answer these questions: “Who is this company? Why does anyone need to know? What’s in it for me?” Engaging content, video, sound, movement, and colour create a walking, talking interactive experience, which brings your company’s personality to life.

Beyond the ‘home page’, the second most visited section of all websites is ‘About Us’. Which means it’s important to give attention to this section. In addition, a comprehensive ‘products and/or services’ overview is vital. Other considerations should include:

  • Blog
  • Media Centre
  • Careers
  • Contact Us
  • Investor Relations (for larger SMBs)

An effective website must during the design phase, make sure it’s Google compliant. This refers to the on page optimisation, and mustn’t be confused with an ongoing SEO plan for sustained success and attracting number one positions. SEO is about achieving Google dominance within your line-of-business. Over 85% of consumers search for local businesses online. Googling has become an ubiquitous part of our daily lives. Make a search, or ask Google a question, and expect to find exactly what you’re looking for on the first page of results. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of affecting the visibility of your site in a search engine’s ‘organic’ or un-paid results.

Web leads originating from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts are up to 10 times more likely to become customers. This makes SEO more valuable as compared to Paid Ads. And fewer of these customers name ‘price’ as their major deciding factor.

Websites are becoming the town square for tomorrow’s global village. A website is the next best thing to reality, and in some cases it’s more efficient, and faster. The customer is in charge. The internet opens a no-pressure sales environment, and in just one click, a competitor is waiting. We believe there is a link between great design and commercial success through effective websites.

Yes, because at the inception of a venture it’s vital to show your customer that you know and understand them. At Surf Pacific, we are a website design agency that creates high-performance websites. Our websites are designed with your audience at the centre of our mind. Our sites are clean, elegant and all user-friendly. Our audience-centric development philosophy means a harmony exists between function and website aesthetics.

No. Businesses need a more robust solution to integrate with their overall digital marketing. This requires a degree of customisability and features that aren’t offered by Wix-type sites. Building a website from the ground up allows complete ownership and customisation.

Surf Pacific websites are built to be viewable by the widest possible audience. Our websites are designed to be responsive to all devices and users. Responsive web design allows web pages to render quickly on a variety of device, windows and screen sizes. Whether its viewed on a large Samsung TV, desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

CMS (Content Management System) is an interface that allows our clients to create, edit, and publish web content. You do not need any advanced web skills or coding experience. It allows for total in-house website management.

Yes. SEO is essential from the design and build phase. There is no doubt your competitors will be vying to be found on the same Google searches, so how does your business stand out? The challenge is to out-optimise them to earn first page, number one positions for every search that will benefit your inbound prospects results.

Surf Pacific websites are built in dedicated secure environments, offering security and fast load times. This features full redundancy. Every website we host has maximum up time and minimal disruption. Even during the unlikely events of catastrophic system failures.

Mobile first website design is a strategy that allows for total functionality and an optimum user experience on a tablet or a mobile device. We start sketching and prototyping the smallest screens first. Once these are complete, we work our way up to the larger screens. In a nutshell, it’s about delivering user experiences to the right device.

In the contemporary world, we often turn to search engines such as Google for all our answers about absolutely everything. This is why search engine optimisation is critical, and why every reputable firm strives for it. Search engine optimisation (SEO) means improving a website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERP). SEO aims to have your website rank higher than your competitors in organic search results.

SEO is the process of gearing a website to rank well on search engines through organic searches. Because Google, Bing and other search engines aim to provide a positive experience for their users, the end customer, they strive to present the best information available and user experience on a site.

Thus, the aim of SEO is to present one’s website as the leading beacon of information for the specific search query.

With those stakes, it’s little wonder that SEO is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy.

We’re very aware of this at Surf Pacific.

Therefore, we not only possess an innate knowledge of all things SEO, Surf Pacific stops at nothing to constantly educate itself on any new developments that might impact our clients’ visibility.

Keywords reflect what people are regularly searching for on the search engines. Businesses must implement relevant keywords to show up in relevant search results of potential customers. Keywords for SEO can range from single words to in-depth phrases.

To increase a website’s search engine ranking, you must actively engage in search engine optimisation (SEO). By achieving a better search engine ranking, you will also increase your website’s traffic. Some other ways to increase your website traffic include:

  • New content
  • Optimise old content
  • Infographics
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Internal and external links
  • Social media advertising
  • Keywords (high-volume, low-competition)
  • Active in online communities
  • Collaborate with other brands

Google Analytics is great for measuring your website’s traffic and performance. Google Analytics will provide in-depth information about your visitors. It will show you how they found your website. Information from Google Analytics is great for shaping your online strategy.

The best way to track your online conversions is by using Google Analytics. Google Analytics will show you exactly how many visitors you have. It will show where your visitors came from and what pages they visit the most. It will show the most converting and least converting channels. It will also show you conversion, and what led to the conversions. Perfect for discovering areas of success and areas for improvement.

A website allows small businesses to tell their story, which helps to sell their product and service. Customers rely on search engines to find trustful information on businesses. Which is why you must be able to show up within search results. Your website will allow you to clearly distinguish yourself from your competitors. Let Surf Pacific develop a winning website for you.

Yes. Surf Pacific does provide website hosting services in addition to our web design services.