Effective online advertising for small business

Any business can buy clicks these days. Converting clicks into website visitors and in turn, paying customers requires a more involved strategy. Our approach is more than landing pages, sales funnels, witty tag-lines and stock photography. Stop following the crowd and stand out with an effective online advertising solution from Surf Pacific. We are an advertising and ppc agency.

Drive more leads, grow sales

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What you’ll receive with Surf Pacific’s online advertising agency services:

  • We’ll write, design and manage all your online ads
  • We’ll pick the right Ad channel for your business
  • We’ll build high converting landing pages
  • Optimise your Ad budget to generate maximum leads
  • Monthly reports that breakdown your spend and ROI
  • A full creative team dedicated to your results


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How do I start a successful online advertising campaign?

Let’s get an idea of what you want to achieve with your pay per click campaign:
Which product and service do you want to advertise? How are we going to add more value to your prospective clients lives? More than your competitors are willing to or able to? The answer to these questions will inform our approach.

Pouria Moradi | Client Since '17


How do I get my business to stand out from the crowd?

Most ads seek to impress their target market with smash-and-grab discounts and offers. This only targets the 3% of ‘Buy Now’ customers and alienates the other prospects who aren’t that far down the buying cycle. Instead, we focus on true connection through expression. We turn strangers into friends and friends into paying customers. To learn more about how to nurture the 97% of prospects that aren’t ready to buy today, click here.

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Where are my prospects eyeballs?

Your potential customers spend time across multiple platforms. We evaluate the best places to advertise based on your Ad spend and the keywords you want to target. Don’t worry, we will do the keyword research. We know you’re only interested in the result. But by picking the low-lying fruit that slow laborious PPC companies aren’t looking for. This allows us to run more effective campaigns, getting you in front of more eyeballs across more platforms and generate bigger results!

Mark Hanikeri | Client Since '19


How do I turn clicks into sales?

It’s better to mean something to someone, than trying to mean everything to everyone. Most online advertisers make your campaigns just about the volume of searches, click through rates and enquiries. But what makes somebody click your ad in the first place? Express interest? or Buy? Your ads shouldn’t be just selling your product. Instead they should identify and resonate with your target audience’s deepest fears and desires. Either moving them away from pain, or towards pleasure. It should connect the dots as to why they’re buying your product or service.

With 30,000 campaigns in our rear-view mirror, we have refined our approach. Our approach is driven by creating deeper, more meaningful relationships with prospective customers. Bridging the gap from clicks into leads and leads into sales.


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Ad Channels we use

Google Ads

It can take months to have your website indexed on high yielding keywords on the first page of the organic listings on Google. If the search volume is high for the products and services.


Facebook Advertising allows advertisers to be hypersensitive with the criteria they set. With 1.32B active daily users, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform.


Instagram is the fastest growing social media in the world and is predicted to overtake Facebook by 2020.


On Mobiles alone, more than 18-49 years old watch Youtube during prime time in the United States than they do the top 10 prime-time shows combined.

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How much should I invest into online advertising?

All businesses have different goals and priorities, which makes it difficult to blanket how much you should be spending. At Surf Pacific, we have in-depth conversations with our clients to work out a manageable Ad budget. A budget that suits your goals and requirements. We also don’t take a commission on your overall Ad budget, unlike many other agencies. Our goal isn’t to increase your spend but rather to optimise it to produce the leads and sales you need.

Online Advertising Plans & Pricing

One of our core values is transparency, unlike many agencies that withhold their pricing model we believe in being completely open in all aspects of our business. Here you will find a complete pricing guide for our stand-alone online advertising packages.

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Effective Competitive Performance
Ad Budget
Ad Budget
 Ad Budget
Ad Budget <$1,500 <$2,500 <$5,000
Quarterly Bi-Monthly Monthly
 No. of Campaigns
No. of Campaigns 2 4 12
 No. of Ad Groups
No. of Ad Groups 4 8 24
 No. of Ad Creatives
No. of Ad Creatives 8 16 36
Managed Service
Managed Service
Limited Limited Unlimited
 Keyword Research
Keyword Research
 Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis
 Demographic Research
Demographic Research
 Demographic Targeting
Demographic Targeting
 Location Targeting
Location Targeting
 Ad Creation
Ad Creation
 Ad Revision
Ad Revision
 Bid management
Bid management
 Offer Optimisation
Offer Optimisation
 Landing Page Creation
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 Landing Page Revisions
Landing Page Revisions Limited Limited Unlimited
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 Ad Campaign Reporting
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 Conversion Rate Reporting
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 ROI Reporting
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Online Advertising Services FAQs

Need to know more about online advertising services? Check out the list of FAQs below for commonly asked questions regarding online advertising.

There are many ways you can advertise online, from creating a website, blogs, and social media posts. This content can all be optimised for search engine optimisation, so that it ranks higher on search results. You could also take advantage of paid advertisement on Google and Facebook.

There are both unpaid and paid advertising options available. Paid advertising channels include Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. While unpaid channels for advertising include publishing content on your website, emails and social media.

The huge benefit of Google Ads is that your business has a chance to appear above the organic search results. However it depends on how well your ad performs and how much money you spend. Google Ads can help to increase brand awareness, and allows for you to specifically target customers searching for your product offering. Google Ads also allow for consistent performance measuring.

Small to medium businesses can effectively advertise online by creating high-quality content. This content must be optimised for the search engines (SEO) to rank high during organic searches. The use of social media allows for an increase in brand awareness and interactions with customers. Social media is great for collaborating with other brands and influencers. There is also the options for paid advertising, which includes Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Having a digital marketing strategy is crucial for online success. Without a digital marketing strategy, you do not know your direction, your competitors or target market. Creating a digital marketing strategy, will give you guidance. You will have a clearer understanding of how to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Social media marketing refers to the targeting of social networks to advertise your product or service. Social media is great for increasing brand awareness, driving customer engagement and promoting your product. It is important to establish a presence on the social media networks. Surf Pacific is the online advertising agency which can do this for you.