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Goals are essential to the performance of your marketing, which is why Surf Pacific builds your online advertising campaigns around your marketing goals to nurture your leads at the right time with just the right content with context, helping you achieve your goals.

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How can advertising grow your practice?

In 2015, $592.43 Billion USD was spent on advertising worldwide. With the average person consuming 5000 messages per day and only 1% of these messages being remembered, there is no time to question advertising viability. Unless you can achieve Top of Mind positioning with your marketing, your marketing efforts may as well cease.

Effective advertising ensures your offer is front and centre in the eyes and minds of potential patients. Whether it be during the initial phases of a business with minimal online rankings, to double your existing presence, or for a seasonal promotion, effective advertising can be the driving force behind your practices success.

The best advertising (online or offline) combines the strengths of a business narrative and Content Marketing 2.0 to deliver an irresistibly strong message to the largest audience possible. Advertising enables you to place your practice in obvious sight of your target audience ensuring your business narrative and content is actually seen.

Advertising in 360 Marketing covers all forms including print advertising in magazines and newspapers, online advertising in Google AdWords and Facebook, banner and display advertising, Digital Advertising, physical advertising and storefront advertising materials.

How can advertising change the effectiveness of your marketing?

You stop waiting for them to come to you

Only 3% of people are actively looking for your product at any given time. Advertising allows you to get in front of these people, as well as the other 97% to entice them when they didn’t even know they were interested. Advertising allows you to ensure that people are finding you when they are looking for you, rather than risking them going to a competitor.

You develop a Top of Mind presence

By advertising your business narrative, you edge closer towards a Top of Mind presence for more and more potential patients. Over the past 6 years, brand recall has decreased from 21% to 8%, only a continual presence and memorable business narrative will ensure your practice isn’t lost amongst the noise.

Multiple lead pools

The best advertising takes the same approach the world’s greatest investors take with their asset portfolios. Get the biggest bang for your buck by diversifying inbound lead pools with mixed advertising forms. Using different calls to action and different landing pages for each lets you compare their effectiveness and ROI so you know what works best for your practice.

Marketing Channel Analytics

With 360, our all-in-one marketing solution uses your marketing data to make smart marketing decisions. Our SEM specialists will give you the metrics you need to understand the performance of your important marketing channels.

How can online advertising increase the quality of my leads by 300%?

Of the 3.5 Billion searches completed on Google per day over 30% result in an AdWords interaction. This means that when your website isn't sitting in position 1 organically you can still capture the attention of the market. Effective online advertising doesn’t just target the immediately available 'buy now' audience; the 3% looking to make a purchase, it considers the other 97% too.

Effective online advertising starts by segmenting your audience by buying stage and demographics. These segments each benefit from targeted keyword research and search intention research. Custom messaging is created and unique, targeted landing pages are created for each.

This advanced online marketing approach ensures that 97% of the audience is now approachable via your advertising. What’s more, combining this advanced strategy with Content Marketing 2.0 ensures that the viewers want to provide you with their information - in exchange for a high quality educational freebie.

By following this advanced online marketing approach, you are both qualifying and educating your leads before you even speak with them. This means when the time comes for a quick phone call you can focus their personal needs, rather than the excessive, uncomfortable sales spiel of advertising campaigns past.

Advertising Deployment

With 360, we are about out-positioning, out-smarting, out-designing and out-marketing your competitors, rather than trying to outspend them on advertising.

3 benefits of Online Advertising

No one gets missed

Effective online advertising creates and caters to different patient profiles within your target audience. Before a single word is written your patients are demographically profiled. The buying stage is then considered before key messaging is created to ensure those in awareness and research phases are captured in addition to the standard ‘buy now’ prospects. No one gets missed or targeted with the wrong content.

Habitual lead generation

The best campaigns harness Content Marketing 2.0 to provide messaging that encourages exponential rates of lead generation. By placing a part two resource behind an email submission form you are aware of the potential patients details for further communication and can provide them a resource allaying their objections before they pop up. This improves lead quality by at least 300%.

Advertising + Content Marketing 2.0

The combination of advertising and content marketing 2.0 produces an undeniable force in the shape of email marketing. The leads generated by your targeted landing page can be emailed strong and effective educational information and special offers, hooking them to purchase from you and continue their patient relationship. This database then becomes open to ongoing communication and updates from your practice, and a Top of Mind presence is formed.

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