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You want to know what your patients and prospects are saying about you on social media, but you need to stop wasting time with impersonal connections and disconnected conversations. Move social media from a slide show to a business driver with Surf Pacific.

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How can you build a network of raving fans for your practice?

Social media accounts for your practice attribute strongly towards a Top of Mind presence; you reach users when they are most comfortable and open to new messages. After all, users access social media to consume messages, interact with them and share them with friends with similar tastes.

Statistics from May, 2015 show that 1.79 Billion people actively use social media networks. Over 70% of these users access their preferred social media website multiple times each day and are open to interaction with medical businesses.

Exceptional social media marketing for medical businesses harnesses all of the positives of social media to share relevant information in an educational and supportive manner. It generates and shares positive brand sentiment, showcases educational content from your website and builds an ongoing interactive relationship with your patients.

Social media, done well, builds relationships with patients and potential patients on a personal level, that ensures when it comes time to buy, the viewer feels as if they are saying yes to a friend that is invested in their wellbeing.

How can social media change your practice?

Selling-by-association to friends-of-friends

Over 75% of consumers are reported to have considered online reviews when determining which local business to use. Your online reputation affects customer-buying decisions. What patients are saying about you, your staff, your products and your services on social media matters. Ensuring positive conversations and reviews enables viral selling to friends-of-friends.

Fostering relationships

Repeat clients aren’t repeat clients just because they like what you have on offer. Many people will change to a different provider, or accept a product of an inferior quality if they have a more fulfilling relationship with the practice. Using social media the right way ensures that you build a two-way relationship with your patients (and potential patients), fostering a repeat patient relationship.

Build a ‘tribe’ mentality

Social media allows you to collect a group of likeminded people in one central area. Targeted and curated messaging to this group of people helps to generate a tribe mentality. This tribe of people identify with your brand and product, and will collectively share positive reviews of your practice and recommend you as part of a lifestyle.

Prioritized Social Engagement

Spend more time connecting with the people that matter most to your practice. Surf Pacific’s social media strategists will work with you towards creating a social presence with both quality and quantity connections.

How is Facebook used effectively for healthcare businesses?

There are 1.44 billion active Facebook users each month. Since 2008, the development of a Facebook dependence has grown, meaning that over 70% of these users access the site multiple times each day.

It is no surprise that Facebook has grown to be one of the most popular resources for healthcare marketing. Whether it be organic via page likes and comments, paid via ads and promoted posts or viral via friends sharing and tagging each other, practices are experiencing unparalleled levels of client engagement.

Users are smarting-up to businesses on their social media channels, and while 70% would rather to connect to businesses on Facebook than any other social media network, it’s more important now than ever before that users are reached in a way they are comfortable with.

Social media marketing on Facebook requires a delicate blend of promotional material, human response content, advertising and educational information. The social media tenant of 360 Marketing ensures all of this is delivered for your practice, in a way so authentic that patients will never know you didn’t publish it yourself.

Social Management

We will organise, schedule and publish content in the one place, coordinating all aspects of your social media marketing campaign across your blog, landing pages, email and relevant social channels.

Share personal information

Facebook users want to be spoken to like they are in a personal conversation. They want to feel as though they are friends with the person on the other end, as though you really ‘get’ them as a person. Sharing information about yourself and other members within your practice helps break down the barriers and build person-to-person relationships. These are the relationships that generate recommendations between friends, great word of mouth and repeat patients.

Harness testimonials

Too many practice owners are scared of testimonials. Actually, too many practice owners are scared of bad reviews. By harnessing positive testimonials from your happy patients, you will not only be opening yourself up to the viral success of Facebook but you will also be strengthening your online reputation. Like attracts like, both literally and figuratively on Facebook. Positive interactions generate more positive interactions.

Use Facebook Advertising

Just like Google AdWords, Facebook has it’s own marketing platform. Best used for fast, low-commitment purchases, Facebook Advertising can be demographically targeted. A low-cost, well-targeted budget can reach an abundance of potentials within your target audience. Used even better, Facebook Advertising can provide remarketing for your website viewers, reaching them where they are most comfortable.

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