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The world of social media can become overwhelming. What platform do I post on? How often do I post? What do I post? Do I use hashtags? How many? In the flurry of social media “do’s” and “do not’s” Surf Pacific paves a pathway. We make our clients stand out against their competitors and create a genuinely unique message. We are the social media agency for you.

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Social media may feel like unknown territory for you. So why not let the experts take care of your social media accounts for you. What we will develop for you:

  • Community Outreach
  • Account Optimisation
  • Creative Posting and Scheduling
  • Platform Management
  • Social Strategy


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Do I Need Social Media For My Business?

Here’s something that will blow your mind. Did you know that 3 out of 4 consumers will consult your social media before buying? Are you on there? Are you saying the right things? Half the battle with social media is just showing up to the party. If you can get there, dressed nicely, with a bottle of wine, you’re already further than some of your competitors. However today, showing up is only part of the equation. Technical considerations must be accounted for, like, are your handles consistent? Is your business information accurate and consistent; have you linked these platforms? Are you on the right platform? Let Surf Pacific guide you through the technical set up and formatting of your social media accounts. We will ensure great social media management and optimum awareness for all of your campaigns.

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Social media posting frequency for business

Unfortunately, there is no rule book on answering these questions as every business is different. However it is important to let your audience and your analytics guide your decision-making process. What does this mean? It means you must consider the size of your audience. As well as how often they are interacting with your content and when your audience is online. Taking a deep dive into your analytics will help guide our team to getting the most out of your campaign.

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How to increase your followers on social media?

You need to give people a reason to follow you. Just because you set up social accounts, it doesn’t mean that your audience will automatically follow you. So how do you get a group of loyal followers? Increasing your followers is not about the overall number; it’s about active followers. Followers who like, comment and share your content are the quality followers. Your strategy may involve releasing exclusive content only found on that platform. Or perhaps it might include special offers, or deals that are only available to your followers. Or followers may come organically through the use of carefully selected hashtags and community outreach. Each growth strategy must be optimised to suit the business and its goals.


How to turn followers into customers

Let’s remember, social media was built for users to be ‘social’. But if you’re looking to turn social into paid customers, you must have a clear strategy. To do so, you must first identify which social platforms would best suit your product or service. It’s crucial to have a clear message, offer and a simple call to action. However, sometimes we will recommend online advertising options to boost your conversions. Advertising options ensure you’re targeting the right audience and providing a clear ‘call-to action’. It’s important to understand your analytics and use online tracking to make informed decisions. Decisions on how to efficiently convert your followers into friends and your friends into paid customers.


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Social Media Pricing & Plans

One of our core values is transparency, unlike many agencies that withhold their pricing model we believe in being completely open in all aspects of our business. Here you will find a complete pricing guide for our stand-alone Social Media Management packages.

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Effective Competitive Performance
 No. of Networks
No. of Networks 1 2 3
 No. of Posts
No. of Posts 20 40 60
Managed Service
Managed Service
Limited Limited Unlimited
 Strategy Plan
Strategy Plan
 Account Creation
Account Creation
 Account Optimisation
Account Optimisation
 Post Scheduling/Publishing
Post Scheduling/Publishing
 Community Outreach
Community Outreach - Limited
Quarterly Bi-Monthly Monthly
 Strategy Call
Strategy Call Quarterly Bi-Monthly Monthly
 Monthly Reports
Monthly Reports
Optional Optional Optional
 4 hour product/service photoshoot
4 hour product/service photoshoot $3,000 (one-time payment) $3,000 (one-time payment) $3,000 (one-time payment)

Social Media Marketing FAQs

Confused by social media marketing or have questions and need the answer? We have to put together some frequently asked questions about social media marketing. If you still have questions, please give us a call on 1300 615 330 or contact us here

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms for marketing. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media marketing allows your customers to directly engage with you. Marketing on social media can include paid ads as well. Surf Pacific is the social media agency for your business.

Social media marketing increases brand awareness, drives customer engagement and can increase leads. It’s important to establish a sound social media presence on the various social platforms. This will allow you and your target audience to engage with one another.

Drive traffic by posting, sharing, commenting and even paying for advertising on social media. Surf Pacific can help your brand become active and be engaging on social media. We can increase your website traffic and have you gaining more conversions.

Social media helps businesses grow by increasing brand awareness and allowing for direct engagement. Direct engagement is great for having your target audience to engage with your business. And by engaging with your customers, you will increase their brand loyalty.

Social media allows businesses to increase brand loyalty by engaging and responding to customers. Your social platforms are a direct channel to spark conversation between you and your customers. This allows for useful feedback about your products and services. Your customers will tell you what they like and what you should change.

Every brand needs a social media strategy that says how you intend to engage with your followers. This strategy should also outline what you are hoping to achieve through using social media. The strategy will outline your goals, such as whether you want to increase brand awareness, traffic or leads. Surf Pacific can design your social media strategy and increase your social traffic.