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Always thinking ‘what if’, I’m a reliable and consistent worker. I like the idea of developing scalable systems that automate repetitive manual tasks. I take pride in what I’m building—a website should look sharp!

Innovation and marketing are the cornerstones of business success. Creating new products people will be excited about is key. Of course, you will need to get your innovative product in front of people, so they know to get excited about it.

As a developer, lack of collaboration can make building a killer site difficult. When working collaboratively with a good team this is never a problem. When working with a lesser team it’s more of just a speedbump than anything.

I’d love to work and travel. With so much of the world to see, it would be a great experience to work remotely creating killer sites for clients.

Good marketing finds the right people and turns them into repeat customers.

The future of marketing lies in Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI bots will eventually render much of what marketers do obsolete, forcing people to evolve or lose their jobs.

Good clients have a clear vision of who they are; and what they want. These clients are able to clearly and successfully communicate this to those they’re working with. Good clients also have realistic expectations of what can be achieved within their means.

Questionable clients are ones with that ‘brilliant, new innovative idea’ and it just turns out to be a Facebook or Google idea. To compound the problem, they have a budget of $1000 and think it can be built within a few days…

You’ve got to love clients who aren’t interested in communication or collaboration…The first day at my first job as a developer, the agency had just inherited a client whose site was broken, and they wanted it fixed and live by the end of the day. The site was a mix of WordPress, Foxy-Cart (ecommerce plugin), and Moodle. The databases for WP and Moodle were massive and had to be exported in several parts so I could set up a development environment which took hours. The client kept calling every hour from 9AM through to about 9PM asking why we hadn’t fixed it yet.

Image travelling the world surfing, wrestling sharks and eating coconuts. For me, that is the ideal way to make a living and to live.

Never enough hours. It’s cliché, but there are never enough hours in the day to do all things I’d like to do.

Consistency and repetition. I once saw an interview with Yehudi Menuhin a famous violinist from Russia. They asked him how often do you train? He replied, “every day.” The asked for how long and he replied “8 hours.” What do you train? “The scales.” The scales! But you’re the world’s best! He said “and that’s why I am. If you did the scales for 9 hours, you’d be the world’s best.”

To unwind from work, I like to go swimming and run 5km. My hobbies include surfing and kung-fu.