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For me, I love to constantly research and find new ways to create meaningful change for clients. This is why I love working at Surf Pacific, each client brings a unique challenge; allowing me to test new approaches to produce the best result.

I am a tenacious worker. No outcome, no job is impossible, you just need to find the right angle to approach it from. And the sense of accomplishment derived from achieving the difficult outcome is something I love.

Perseverance, creativity and attention to detail vis- à -vis work results are what I bring to any workplace.

To any professional situation I bring my attention to detail and perseverance vis-à-vis work results. I’m a creative, passionate person always willing to help clients and colleagues get the best result.

Be memorable. People don’t remember what they buy, they remember who they buy from. The most important thing a business can do is make memorable experiences—Apple won’t be remembered for inventing the iPod, they’ll be remembered for putting a 100hrs of music in your pocket.

Want to succeed? Cooperate. Reaching a goal is easier if everybody work’s together and helps each other.

Difficult clients don’t know who they are: or why people should buy from them. Clients who don’t see the value in marketing as a collaborative effort, and who don’t understand who they are, make their own growth (and success) either difficult or downright impossible.

Good management is honesty. Appreciating quality work for what is and offering constructive criticism when it’s required. This helps keep the workplace balanced and itself honest.

On average you see 1,800 ads a day. The future of marketing will continue to see ads become more like experiences than traditional ads. That is, how things are advertised will be insidious rather than overt.

Our brains process images before they process content. How your brand looks—and how it is presented—will play a defining role in how people interact with your brand. Especially in the digital space because people absolutely do judge books by their cover.

Believe in your goals and acknowledge the need to adapt. A good client knows who they are: knows where their business is heading: and believes in what they are doing. Additionally, a good client isn’t afraid to adapt to what’s in front of them when the situation requires it.

Understand, identify, and anticipate your customers.  Good marketing is waiting for your customers with the information/product/service they want. It is not chasing after them with a megaphone screaming deals and hollow incentives.

Challenging clients are ones who assume they deserve success because they’re a business owner. In France, we have an expression “l’habit ne fait pas le moine” (the habit doesn’t make the monk). Clients who know what they want, and where they are going, can be demanding and it’s fine. Because there’s clear direction—all that hard work is going somewhere.

Challenging clients don’t know what they want. But they want lots of it—and they want you to figure it out. This client is just chasing their tail and is doomed to go nowhere.

Hailing from the French Alps, I enjoy sitting, relaxing in front of a beautiful mountain landscape.

I’m a moody Frenchwoman. I really like to paint, dance; really anything that allows me to express myself.

For me relaxing is having a drink with friends in the old part of Annecy during summer. Or eating cheese fondue with hot wine with my family during winter.