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I’ve always been draw to success. Growing up, I read a lot about successful business people, politicians and athletes. The success stories of these people are why I put 100% effort in everyday; because success isn’t free. You have to earn it.

Professionally, I’d describe myself as organised and hard working.

Any successful business that has been built from the ground up requires a strong and passionate team behind it. Without a strong team, the business is never going to succeed.

The hardest thing about my job is making sure the results I achieve will greatly benefit the customers. As a perfectionist, I have high expectations of what my work should be able to achieve.

There is nothing I wish was different about my job and my work. I have spent all my school and university time working hard to land my dream job. And this is it.

Good management is when are targets are getting achieved within the time limit. Effective time management always plays a vital part in management. Without it, nothing will be getting achieved.

As an industry, marketing is moving closer and closer to being AI-driven. If not in the next 5 to 10 years, then certainly in the next 20 years artificial intelligence will play a vital role in how marketing is done.

A good client is one whose goals are realistic and understand why they’re paying for marketing. They are very easy going during the whole process from planning to design and all the way through to the completion of websites or finalising of social media projects.

A bad client is someone who wants everything done for as little as possible, and it must always be done their way.

The essence of good marketing is to be able to attract the best customers to the business.  Good customers are ok, but great customers are where it’s at. Every business want all of their customers to be like their best ones.

My favourite occupation is the role I’m currently in. Each day I come to work, I know it will be a day of learning and discovery within marketing. And I know no two days will be the same.

My current state of mind is to give 100% in everything that I do and never give up. If I could choose 1 movie that is similar to my state of mind it would have to be Eddie The Eagle: someone who never gives up and always gives it his all.

Cycling is a lifelong hobby of mine. I have been cycling most of my life but have only become serious in the last few years. I spent a couple of years racing on a Brisbane based team and now currently racing on a Toowoomba team.

I unwind by after work by just basically chilling out. Maybe go for a run or do a gym work out. Or just simply lay down listen to music and read a book.