Surf Pacific, 1997 and beyond


The bold. The creative. The family culture. The outsiders. The strongminded. The sharp-thinkers. The rebels and the believers in tomorrow.

Surf Pacific work for the founders of disruptive start-ups and owners of established companies. Each of them has a burning vision of how to best serve their market. Yet the goal is often the same: they’re already number one or they aspire to be number one!

These are the business leaders whom we call our clients. They’re exceedingly rare. And we’re euphoric when we get to work with them.

We sometimes partner early when a company is no more than a good idea. We recognise the crucial first decisions can have an explosive influence on the curve of success.

Our value is to set-up, enrich or re-energise our client’s marketing and sales distribution model. Sometimes we work for trailblazers. Othertimes, we work for those who have never had to engage in marketing to drive outcomes.

We push when we see potential. Our way of doing business isn’t for everyone. We are direct. Some don’t like our approach. Most who know us do.

Our commitment is to raise a client’s outside perception to the same standard as their inside reality. This leads to effective marketing. Both ‘audience reach’ and measurable ‘prospect engagement’. When this is found with a degree of consistency, we shift our focus to the sales-process. From then on, we review, refine, tweak and adjust as each month passes. It’s marketing that gets smarter.

We partner with clients for the long term. Our team mentality mirrors the family founders and the clients whom we partner with: people with a penchant for winning. Many come from humble backgrounds. Many, like our family, are immigrants. Each share the mindset of an entrepreneur and knows what it means to walk that path.

Our team is small and multi-disciplined. We prefer people who specialise, instead of a business built with layers of managers. Combining several of our specialists – who each find meaning in their work – have a proven method for generating a 1+1=11 result for our client. The Big Idea, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Branding, Communications, Design, Online Advertising, Sales Training, PR, DM, SEM and SEO. We’re all that and more.

We partner with the bold to shape legendary enterprises. That’s Surf Pacific.