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Here’s what the white paper covers.

  • The state of the legal services industry and consumer behaviour.
  • Top reasons why it’s important to invest in marketing during economic downturns
  • A review of the most essential marketing lawyers must engage during COVID-19


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The Digital Marketing Playbook For Lawyers

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the legal landscape. And everyone has a theory about how things might play out. But in digital marketing, it’s never wise to base your strategy on hunches – you’ve got to look at the data. As this pandemic evolves, a clearer picture of “the road back” is emerging for the Australian legal profession.

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Digital marketing for the leading lawyers of tomorrow

How do manage your experience and reputation online? And how do you then amplify this to potential clients? How do you stand out from other legal practices within your discipline, all of whom say the same things?

No matter your specialisation. Whether it’s commercial, property, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, bankruptcy, intellectual property, environmental, labour, tax, criminal or family law. At Surf Pacific, we can help you radically differentiate your law firm. Our expert marketing team will help you stand out in the crowded digital market.

Leverage digital marketing for law practices with the experience of Surf Pacific.

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An antidote to mediocre legal marketing

A law firm’s reputation is its single, most important asset. Digital marketing is the most effective new client acquisition strategy for lawyers and legal firms. Whether you’re a global law firm with full-service offerings, a boutique law practice, or a solo practitioner. At Surf Pacific, we have the right digital solution for you.

SEO is second-only to a word-of-mouth referral, as you are by potential clients as the trusted advisor within your law specialty. PPC can energise your client flow, even in the quietest of times. CRO can turn strangers into friends, and friends into paying clients. It positions your law brand as the trusted expert through exceptional education marketing. Surf Pacific takes a multi-channel approach to deliver breakthrough legal marketing. We work closely with our law clients to refine and improve their campaigns. This helps your marketing results to get stronger with time. This ensures you remain top of mind when people need a lawyer the most.

Attract More Leads

Online Advertising

Any lawyer can buy clicks these days. Converting clicks into potential client visitors is the first step. You must then have a strategy in place to covert visitors into paying customers. Our approach is more than landing pages, sales funnels, witty tag-lines and stock photography. Stop following the crowd and stand out with an effective online legal marketing solution from Surf Pacific.

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Stay Connected

Search + Social

When consumers begin seeking out a lawyer, typically they’ll use Google. This will be either organic search (SEO) or paid search (PPC). They’ll spend time on your website educating themselves on your law brand. Afterwards they’ll begin validating your reputation on reviews and social media. Search engine optimisation and social media campaigns combined, provides the ultimate endorsement for your firm.

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Win More Business

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Staying in the hearts and minds of your potential clients requires applied analytics and marketing automations. This ensures an active email campaign walks a potential client through an invisible due diligence process. The goal is to get the client up to the point of enquiry.

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Smart law marketing is giving clients the sense of certainty in uncertain times.

You may think marketing for legal services has altered significantly since the rise of digital marketing. However, this is not so. The way clients do business online is not in sharp contrast to how referral relationships happen in a face-to-face world. Now, more than ever before, client relationship building must be at the heart of any law firm. Client relationships can be built through a sound marketing strategy. The only thing digital has changed, is the tools that lawyers must use to attract and retain high-calibre clients.

Did you know 96% of potential clients seek legal help via online search? Even before they ever contact a practicing law firm.

Therefore, capitalising on the tools and techniques to convert leads into paying clients is paramount. Our suite of services such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, and CRO can gain you clients in the quietest times. Before this can happen, we work with our law clients to build their brand and website communications. This will help to imbue trust and increase the position of our expert client within their field.

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Client Director

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At Surf Pacific we’re with you every step of the way.

Our dedicated team has the legal services marketing experience and industry insights to help you. We will achieve your goals and see your vision come to life. Whether your field of speciality is commercial, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, bankruptcy, intellectual property, environmental, labour, tax, criminal or family law – we’ve got you covered.

Grow your practice

You’ll have proven marketing solutions to help build your company and showcase your suite of services. We will open your business up to a wider audience of potential clients.

Resonate with clients

We’ll assist you in connecting with the largest, most engaged group of clients, regardless of specialisation. This will happen, as we will identify the platform or channel where they choose to spend most of their time.

Gain the advantage

Take control of the experience you deliver to clients with our services. We will do educational marketing, events, webinars and marketing automation for you.

Law Marketing FAQs

Digital marketing for the legal services sector is essential in today’s crowded online marketplace. Differentiating a law firm demands a suite of digital marketing collateral working in concert. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • An engaging website
  • Updated social media accounts
  • Community outreach campaigns
  • Online advertising that delivers a consistent ROI

High-quality content can position you as a leader and demonstrate your specialisation. Both to potential clients and to Google, earning you number one positions.

Potential clients are discovering law firms that they come trust through the use of Google and online reviews. To make sure your law firm is firing on all twelve-cylinders, below are a few FAQs. These are common questions the team at Surf Pacific get asked by lawyers.

The competition in most verticals of law is fierce. The requirement to turn up to the online market with a formidable presence is paramount for success. The essential tools for any great law website is effective communication, educational material, and ultimate user-engagement. This serves as the foundation to all over marketing. Simply put, the better your website, the better other activities will work. It’s where you will provide basic information about your services. You will also post high-quality content for your current and potential clients.

It’s important your law website be an accurate reflection of your ‘inside reality’. It is important to think of your website as your ‘outside perception’. You never want your outside perception to supersede your inside reality. Otherwise, you engage in over selling – or at least overstating your capabilities. It is also important to push a few key services to the forefront of your offering. This is an effective strategy for successful search engine optimisation.

So why not let Surf Pacific take the stress out of your marketing? You want results, and we can deliver them. This has been our method of operation for 20 years now. When your first quarterly performance review comes around, you’ll see the measure of impact we bring to the table.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the ranking of your website. This can be done by writing rich content that targets the right keywords and hits the right notes. SEO can be effective if you’re using the most effective strategies, analytical platforms and tactics. This will help drive the right kind of potential clients to your law website with clockwork consistency. SEO is second to word-of-mouth for building trust and delivering the right kind of cases to your practice:

  • Target the local community.
    Using local keywords will help you show up for relevant searches made by people in your immediate area. This will increase the expediency of results. Even for national or international practices, taking a local approach is a sure-fire way to get the right client results and fast.
  • Specify your specialisation.
    Rather than trying to be all things to all people you could serve in the community, hone your niche. Show Google and your potential clients that you’re specialist. This will lead clients to your door.
  • Optimising every relevant page.
    At Surf Pacific, we make it our business to optimise each individual page for two essential functions. The first, it must communicate effectively to your audience and be persuasive. The second, it must adhere to Google’s SEO compliancy guidelines. This includes: dozens of different factors, including images, text, video, HTML tags, descriptions, keywords and more.

So why not let Surf Pacific take the stress out of your marketing? You want results, and we can deliver them. This has been our method of operation for 20 years now. When your first quarterly performance review comes around, you’ll see the measure of impact we bring to the table.

Potential clients spend most of their online time browsing social media. This means an effective social media outreach strategy is essential. Social media is the underground plumbing to all word-of-mouth business. This is the type of ‘trust’ based advertising Surf Pacific harness for our legal clients. Maintaining an authoritative profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter is a winning approach for top lawyers.

There are endless benefits that social media can deliver. For example, the relationship building through snack-sized education marketing before a client comes through the door. This is a unique opportunity to manage a potential clients expectations to psychological, emotional, behavioural and financial factors. Without this, it might prevent them from moving forward.

Lawyers who are consistent in their effort to provide clients with high-quality information will win the day. Not only does this exert status, it demonstrates expertise. For legal clients, we work closely with them to develop and deliver an editorial calendar. This positions them as an authority and best serves their prospects needs.

A blog section is an extension of a great, well-honed content marketing strategy. It’s an opportunity to communicate with mainstream news desks. It’s the backbone of a Public Relations strategy, whereby a law firm can reach a much larger audience. In addition to talking about legal issues or your own practice, you can read industry-relevant news. This will show potential clients that you’re up to date. Blogs are also information hubs for case studies, video biographies, and other engaging content. This provides another reason for website visitors to stay.

Today in 2020, email marketing generates the highest return-on-interest of all digital marketing channels. Surf Pacific’s CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) solutions help lawyers take potential clients on a personalised journey. This journey educates them on the virtues and services of your firm. Best of all, every facet of your email marketing and marketing automatiuon is measured and improved. So it’s marketing that gets smarter with time.

So why not let Surf Pacific take the stress out of your marketing? You want results, and we can deliver them. This has been our method of operation for 20 years now. When your first quarterly performance review comes around, you’ll see the measure of impact we bring to the table.

Boutique lawyers who try their hand at DIY marketing often fail miserably and look unprofessional. Which is not a good outlook in the online marketplace. Surf Pacific can help you plan an enterprise-grade digital marketing strategy. This will help you standout from competitors and set you up for lasting success. We’ve been doing this for over 20-years. So you’ll benefit from the best practice thinking through the use of cutting-edge strategies and proven methods. Our multi-disciplined marketing team will give you the unfair advantage you want. No matter the field of law you want to dominate.