Marketing for Dentists & Orthodontists


  • The state of the dental and orthodontic industry
  • What drives dental and orthodontic consumer behaviour.
  • Top reasons why it’s important to invest in marketing during economic downturns
  • A review of the most essential marketing you must engage during and after COVID-19


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The Dental & Orthodontic Digital Marketing Playbook

The oral health industry took a devastating blow when the full impact of COVID-19 was revealed and the concept of restrictions and social distancing took hold in society. Many businesses were forced to take a step back to reassess the way they do business and how they will communicate with patients in the future.

Surf Pacific have commissioned this white paper with the aim of sharing a definitive strategy of how to get back on your feet by utilising digital marketing to gain an unfair advantage. You will enter the road back to success, and you’ll have built a stronger base and gotten the most out of this.

Dr Jim Ironside | Client Since 2000

Strengthening brand image for Dentists & Orthodontists

Dentists and orthodontists have suffered greatly under COVID-19 restrictions, however, now is the perfect time to sit down with professional marketers and strengthen your brand. At Surf Pacific we can help your brand stand out and thrive in the crowded online marketplace by building you an online presence that offers a great value that customers will not be able to turn down.

The important data for you

Patient Satisfaction

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) should be at the heart of your business, as patients who are happy with the service are returning customers. Building a stronger relationship with your patients is not only handled inside your clinic, but also online through effective social media and SEO strategies.

Patient Retention

Tying in with customer satisfaction is retention, which refers to the ability of your clinic being able to retain current patients through offering excellent services and treatments. Increasing patient loyalty should be a driving strategy, and at Surf Pacific our team will ensure that you’re doing everything right.

Patient Acquisition

Where do your new patients come from? As a dentist or orthodontist, your acquisition channels should include strong positive word-of-mouth (WOM), engaging social media content, an optimised website and search engine optimisation (SEO) for your local community.

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Why not let Surf Pacific take the stress out of your marketing? You want new patients, and we can deliver them direct to you.

We can help dentists and orthodontists to be proactive about achieving new patients and strengthening relationships. Digital marketing and platforms will boost your sales, spread your brand awareness, help gain quality traffic and allow for two-way communication online.

Most dentists will have a website; however, it may be outdated or not optimised to rank well on the search engines. Effective advertising will boost your traffic to levels that they have never been before.

More than ever before, more people are shopping around online. Reinvent your brand image and get world-class advertising with Surf Pacific. Don’t just sell, stand out from competing clinics within the crowded online marketplace.

Online Advertising

Any business can buy clicks these days. However, converting clicks into website visitors and in turn, patients requires a more involved strategy. The approach at Surf Pacific more than landing pages, sales funnels, witty taglines and generic photography. Don’t follow the crowd any longer and stand out with an effective online marketing solution from the experts at Surf Pacific.


Want to evoke trust and provide up-to-date industry knowledge and treatments to patients? You need a website. Websites are important as potential and existing patients, and other stakeholders can find the information about your brand, initiatives and what services you offer.


Surf Pacific’s brand identity solutions will design your business a brand-new face, a new face that will evoke trust and a mission your patients can relate to. Our brands are built to attract people who agree with what your brand offers. Afterall what’s an orthodontic or dental clinic without a unique brand identity? Stand out today.

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Gain higher traffic during these uncertain times

Surf Pacific increases brand awareness, engagement and influences customers to buy into your brand over competitors. At Surf Pacific we will not only reinvent your brand or shape your advertisements. We will actively engage in SEO, CRO and social media services to continue improving your brands awareness and talk to your customers on an emotional level to buy your product.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Despite its reputation as a something of a dark art, ‘optimising’ for search engines it really does come down to whether your website engages its intended audience or not. Surf Pacific have earned a reputation for being unparalleled leaders in SEO. We make it hard for imitators to mimic.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

No longer do we have to hypothesise about what drives our customers. At Surf Pacific the use of modern technology combined with our advanced strategic thinking provides a bullet proof strategy to increase the rate of conversion for our clients.

Social Media Management

Social media allows brands and customers to socialise and build customer loyalty and satisfaction online. It allows you to talk directly with your patients and answer their questions or concerns. It’s also a great place to advertise your service by digging at the emotions of your customers, allowing them to click through to your website.

Biography Films

We can deliver your brand story though a series of videos targeted at forming a stronger emotional connection with both your new and potential patients. Biography Films is a narrative creation, that is brought to life with tv-grade production equipment filming in the perfect location for your brand.

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Take advantage of the online oral health marketplace

Our dedicated team has the dental and orthodontic marketing experience and industry insights to help you achieve your goals, retain patients and gain new patients.

You’ll gain proven marketing solutions that build your clinic, showcase your services and open your business up to a greater audience.

We’ll assist you in connecting with the largest, most engaged group of customers, whether you’re a dentist or orthodontist, through the platform or channel where they choose to spend most of their time.

Take control of the experience you deliver to patients with educational marketing, events, webinars and marketing automation.

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Account Executive

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Dental Marketing FAQs

A brand image is important as people associate you with your brands logo, image and values. It’s important for your brand to maintain a solid brand image, as people want to be associated with a brand they enjoyed and valued.

An online marketing strategy includes how you plan to increase your brands awareness, reach and open up your brand to new customers. Your strategy should include a range of methods, such as an optimised website, excellent SEO, paid-advertising, social media and CRM.

You will be reaching customers who are specifically looking for a service like yours. Even if your ad does not convert a customer, you will be increasing brand awareness and growth by alerting people to your presence. Google ads also work faster than SEO.

Social media should be at the core of any business in today’s world. Social media includes social platforms which are free and allow for brands to directly talk with customers and answer questions and concerns. The benefits of social media include boosts to brand awareness, growth, leads and sales.

Video marketing is effective as it’s easy for customers to digest a lot of content quickly. Videos are entertaining, engaging and connect with customers on a more emotional level. The return on investment (ROI) for video marketing can be huge if executed correctly.

Content marketing helps your brand to build trust and expertise with customers, but it also acts as the fuel for strong SEO strategies. The publication and distribution of content online allows people to find your brand in more places than it was found before.