Better brand = Better clients

How Surf Pacific generated 728 online enquiries in 12 months for a re-branded business via search engine optimization and a targeted pay-per-click campaign.

All doctors want to increase the number of patients booking in for their preferred treatments. Surf Pacific took a calculated approach toward optimizing client treatments, while assisting in limiting the reliance on pay-per-click advertising and monotonous treatments.

728online enquiries

500+phone enquiries

40%spend reduction

About Dr S*

Dr S* is historically a skin cancer doctor that has transitioned into skin care, mole removal and other non-invasive skin treatments.


Dr S* contacted Surf Pacific seeking assistance on his online marketing activities. As the owner of an already established skin and skin cancer treatment clinic, Dr S sought to transform his business in terms of the treatments on offer, and the type of patients coming through the door.

Dr S had an established business, in an established location, accompanied with a great reputation for skin cancer treatment, however, he no longer wanted this to be a focal treatment for his business specifically. Dr S instead wanted to increase the number of non-invasive skin treatments he offered, such as mole removal, rosacea treatment, injectables, dermal fillers, and skin tag removal among other things.

While Dr S had an established brand, it was outdated and not reflective of the services he provided. The business name had been built upon previous trends that no longer carried a modern and professional connotation.

Dr S contracted Surf Pacific on the Competitive level of 360 Marketing, seeking rebranding, a new responsive website and an innovative approach to targeting a new market of consumers.

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