Your Website Is Your Hardest Working Employee

Your website never sleeps, it’s always live for potential patients to view and discover information about your clinic. During an economic downturn, your website is a valuable resource that doesn’t cost much to maintain and uphold excellent SEO.

Find Out How You Can Get Your Website Working For You

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SEO Key Drivers

Why SEO matters?

Over 85% of consumers search for local businesses through organic search. Google is the dominant search engine on the planet, and the statistics tell a compelling story:

  • Companies on the first page of search results earn 70% of Google’s organic internet traffic
  •  30% of overall traffic is awarded to individual businesses ranking in the number one position
  • Organic search results earned through SEO are almost 9 times more likely to be viewed than paid ads

The next 365 days will be crucial.
They will define your position, customer perception and leadership.

Until 31 December 2020 the Australian Government is allowing eligible businesses to instantly write-off up to $150,000 (up from $30,000). Why not use this opportunity to power your business into a new era? We’ve created three practical 365 solutions – limited to 35 just new clients each – to help small business leaders restore trust, re-stimulate sales and protect market share.

Whether you choose to pay monthly or yearly, each solution offers a significant discount prior to 31 December 2020. Let Surf Pacific help your business make the right moves quickly, give your marketing relevance and stimulate growth on the road out of this crisis.

365 Effective

Re-invigorate short term results

  • Advertise to prospects seeking what you offer – right now!
  • Effectively educate customers to improve customer quality
  • Make the right offer, to the right person, and at the right time
  • Grow and nurture your warm-lead database
  • Save 10% if you choose to pay monthly (saving of $150 p/m)
  • Save 20% if you choose to pay yearly (saving of $3,660 p/a)

365 Competitive

Get the competitive edge

  • Combat your competitor’s ad tactics and offers
  • Earn best-in-class category rankings on search engines
  • Nurture leads through proven marketing automations
  • Grow a substantial lead database formed on trust and reputation
  • Educate customers whenever they have questions about your product/service
  • Save 10% if you choose to pay monthly (saving of $450 p/m)
  • Save 20% if you choose to pay yearly (saving of $5,360 p/a)

365 Performance

Power performance of a new era

  • Reimagined category based on your customers needs and behaviours
  • Fully integrated marketing solution (SEO, PPC, CRO and Social Media)
  • Best-in-class marketing technologies used
  • Access to a multi-disciplined marketing team
  • Save 10% if you choose to pay monthly (saving of $915 p/m)
  • Save 20% if you choose to pay yearly (saving of $20,220 p/a)

Google Advertising

Effective online advertising for small business

Any business can buy clicks these days. Converting clicks into website visitors and in turn, paying customers requires a more involved strategy. Our approach is more than landing pages, sales funnels, witty tag-lines and stock photography. Stop following the crowd and stand out with an effective online advertising solution from Surf Pacific. We are an advertising and ppc agency.

Social Media

Tell Your Story In A Noisy Social Network

The world of social media can become overwhelming. What platform do I post on? How often do I post? What do I post? Do I use hashtags? How many? In the flurry of social media “do’s” and “do not’s” Surf Pacific paves a pathway. We make our clients stand out against their competitors and create a genuinely unique message. We are the social media agency for you.

Branding and Design

Turn up to the market with a new bespoke brand

Surf Pacific’s brand and full service branding identity solutions will design your business a new face, with trust at the forefront. Our mission is to design an identity your customers can relate to. Our brands attract people who agree with what your company has to offer.

Gregory Gray

Let’s talk about you

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