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Need some creative marketing that packs a punch? Expert digital marketing strategy? Social media marketing that reaches into the hearts and minds of the community you serve? Killer PPC (pay-per-click)? Strategic data driven SEO (search engine optimisation)? Want to drive traffic to your business? Or the whole kit-and-caboodle?

If you target the right groups of people on the internet and craft the perfect message. While also getting the timing just right, stimulating their interest and exciting their desires. Then you will charm them and compel them to act at the right time. Your prospects will buy from you. And if you build a relationship with the right balance of marketing over time, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Surf Pacific have made it a reality by coming to understand that trust is the primary currency. Trust is earned by ensuring promises made are promises kept. 20 years in business, with 5,600 small business clients. We’ve had many successes, many failures later, we’ve become the unequalled leading digital marketing agency.

We can create meaningful Websites, Biography Films and Brands. These will speak to your audience in ways that make it difficult for your competitors to keep up. These are the central nervous system to your entire marketing strategy, which will be customised for you. We maintain and improve world-class strategy, with cost-managed marketing. Such as SEO, Online Advertising Campaigns, Social Media Marketing & Conversion Rate Optimisation.

So why not let Surf Pacific take the stress out of your digital marketing? You want results, and we can deliver them. This has been our method of operation for 20 years now. When your first quarterly performance review comes around, you’ll see the results in the return on investment.

Our Process

We produce great marketing by delivering small businesses enterprise-grade marketing services at affordable prices.

Most digital agencies have it mistaken! They focus on tactics of clicks and tricks, but tactics alone don’t generate ROI. They are easily copied by competitors. Surf Pacific is in the trust business. Nothing buys trust quite like being revenue-producing for clients, as expediently as possible. Here’s an insight into our secret sauce:



It’s not about getting people’s heads nodding, the magic is in getting their toes tapping too. That’s why our team specialise in creating brands and online environments that mean something to your prospects. The aesthetic and key message, which grab your prospect’s eye, decides whether they open, go further, learn or buy. Either way, your prospect will paint a picture of your company in their mind. Our first priority is grabbing their attention, then keeping their attention. Let us take care of this for you.



The biggest challenge to buying anything is when a lack of trust exists. Allow us to reverse this risk by removing the factors that prevent a prospect from moving forward. This includes emotional, psychological and financial risk factors. Let us make sure your automated messages evoke it. The better you are at using words, the better you are at making money. Ask any salesperson or street performer. Ask an entrepreneur. Plus, we find that many of our trust-inspiring methods work time and time again, and across various business types.



When your soon-to-be-customer is investigating your products or services, we don’t just put our best foot forward. We aim to have them fall in love with your company. “I wouldn’t do business with any other company of this kind, regardless of price.” That’s love. This is about retaining their attention with well-timed messages based on actions they have taken. Our aim by this stage is they should be deciding that this is something they want… need… can’t live without. Right now, perhaps?



Our clients appreciate how assertively we tell their prospects to act and act now. Especially, when it works with a measurable degree of certainty. When it comes to delivering the right customers, marketing is about the invisible due diligence cycle. The cycle that exists with all prospects. The cycle helps move customers through the decision-making process up to a successful point of sale. We help our clients make the most of the marketing they use. We expand their vision, to explain their ideas, to fire up their people, to win and keep their customers.

What our clients are saying...

Fleur Vocale | New Way Finance

Client Since 2018

Please thank the entire team for all their work to date, I am very appreciative of the hard work and dedication from all team members at Surf Pacific. I absolutely love our branding and so grateful for all your and the teams work. I have a great feeling about the marketing campaigns I have in mind and new direction of my business. THANKS AGAIN to you and the Team!! IT’S LOOKING AMAZING!

Simon Franks | Bite Dental

Client Since 2015

When I came on board with the Surf Pacific team I was skeptical (as most business owners are with new marketing companies) however as our relationship has grown I have been extremely impressed with the level of service and the quality of work. When the Surf team came to me to ask if I was on board to trial a ‘new direction’ I trusted their judgement and haven’t looked back since, I am extremely pleased with how this team has grown my brand and my business over the years.

David Marriott | Marriott & Hand

Client Since 2012

We’ve already said “Thank you” to Bryce, however I feel it appropriate that we should thank as many of you as we can, as this really has been a collective effort by you all over the past year plus. And the results are terrific and you should be as happy with it as we are! It’s a joy to open the website again, and go for a fossick around; as my son in his mid to late twenties said, “Looking really sharp”, which I think covers the update explicitly! To the Surf Pacific-wide team for the effort from day one, a really HUGE THANK YOU!

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