January 23, 2016

Twitter: a revolutionized conversation

Twitter has paved the way for businesses to connect with people with a more unique and colorful voice.

Discover the world happening at your fingertips

Twitter is a power context that has introduced an exciting opportunity to express ideas and thoughts in a more visually and moving platform.  Delving into this 140-character universe, Twitter encompasses a space of inspiration and playground of words.  Looking further into the creative capabilities of Twitter, you can truly admire this platform for what is really is; a revolutionized conversation.

Twitter in 140 words

Twitter offers direct access to the world of the most interesting, intelligent and inspiring people across the globe. Experience an insight into the lives of your admired celebrities, musicians or authors, and access information like no other.  Whether it’s occurring on the other side of the world or in your city, Twitter is the platform that puts you in the know.

As a strong rival to Facebook, which focuses on friendship, Twitter distributes content, news and information with more value on account of the 140-character restriction per post. This perfectly curated medium, ideal for small bursts of interesting thoughts and information, is accessible by 320 Million monthly active Twitter users. Twitter has also moved to more creative initiatives of communication with six-second looping videos and Twitter cards that allows users attach media features like music and photos to their tweets.

The art of Twitter

New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk explores this social media phenomenon in his Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook book and shares advice on how to connect with your consumers and stand out from the competition, “Consumers want infotainment, not information. Information is cheap and plentiful; information wrapped in a story, however, is special”. Vaynerchuk takes the concept of simply marketing your business and transforms it into a movement of captivating tweets that will optimize your network following.

With the influence this media platform has on businesses and consumer activity, how do we pursue this competitive arena and stand out from the rest?

Posting news and spreading information won’t break the Twitter realm – it will simply be a drop in the flood of information already circulating. The single way to differentiate yourself and spike people’s interests is through unique and memorable storytelling. A spurt of quirky and curious idea exchanges will encourage other to converse, repost and follow your series of Twitter movements.