February 9, 2016

Top Twitter practices for businesses

Twitter has finally gained traction for B2B as an indisputable rival to the prospect and marketing value of LinkedIn.

In a recent article, we explored the revolutionized communication platform, Twitter, and the benefits of forming social followings and B2B promotions. It is no secret that Twitter has become a crucial marketing tool and when executed correctly can create a positive buzz around your business in the twitter-sphere. The Twitter initiative is a continual circulation of information and news, accessible by 320 Million monthly active Twitter users. To avoid being a single drop in this ocean of clutter, we have curated a guide to excel at tweets and establish a strong Twitter movement.

Have a purpose

Whether you are building your company brand or generating leads, defining your purpose will help you follow the right people and understand what information to share. Explore the Twitter world to share ideas and blogs or simply to be in the know of news and information.

Optimize your Twitter movement with the goal to influence or to listen

If you goal is to influence, base your information around attracting attention and engagement from other users. If your Twitter strategy is to listen, develop your knowledge of the market and your consumers by following informative and valuable users.

Learn how to utilize filtering tools, including hashtags and Twitter lists to optimize your information and reach a larger audience.

twitter2Define your brand and personality

Once you have developed a specific purpose for your Twitter account, your next step is to define how you want the Twitter-sphere to view you. Define your brand around your speciality or information to attract you target audience, or perhaps take a broader approach and tweet about several topics. It is important to spike people’s interests with unique and memorable storytelling to encourage your audience to converse, repost and follow your Twitter activity. Do you want to be viewed as a quirky tweeter or a thought-leader? Determine if a funny, casual or professional Twitter personality works best for your business.


Tweet with purpose

This universe of 140 characters is a powerful restriction to write short bursts of inspiration, promotion or a meaningful connection.  Twitter is a playground of words and a small space to get your message across so write it with meaning and purpose. Determine your goal and frame your tweet around achieving it, whether it may be offering a solution or to grow your following.

Twitter is a revolutionized power context and valuable marketing tool to transform your business, large and small. If you are diligent with your Twitter activity and follow this guide, you can achieve an inspiring and rewarding social movement.