February 26, 2016

Taking a dive for attractive visual content

Statistics show 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and content with attractive visuals receive 94% more views. So how do we go about getting attractive content for our blog articles?

Due to the oversaturation of digital content and the increased adoption of mobile internet access, attention spans are shorter than ever. Apart from content, the initial attraction to an article should be driven by visual introduction.

What are your methods of preparation when taking a photo to attract consumers? The best way to attract initial attention is to have an opening image to capture the viewer’s eye.

The steps:

  1. Choose a simple background – Busy isn’t best when trying to grab attention.
  2. Popping color attracts the eye – eg: Red grabs attention and holds it which is why it’s the most popular color for marketing. Green is a versatile color; it is warm and inviting, lending customers a pleasing feeling. Remember, this depends on what you’re selling; match your color scheme to the scenario!
  3. Do some basic editing, especially if the product or service you’re selling has anything to do with the aesthetic side of things. You don’t want to come across fake…

Tell the story with a picture

Cyclone Winston’s swell caused 6ft waves to hit the shores of the Gold Coast which sent surfers flocking to the beach. Our very own Strategy Director, Jessica Ward, was snapped under water by Luke Marsden, a local photographer who states that as an editorial photographer his consumer is a newspaper (either print or online) and he likes to keep his images as simple as he can from the start.

The image below was taken by Luke during the swell and captured the attention of Queenslanders everywhere.

Jessica Ward in the surf – Taken by Luke Marsden for the Gold Coast Bulletin

“Once I have a good idea of what kind of story is being told, I start to work on more visual concepts. It’s all very subjective, but if you are in the right place at the right time you’re going to find yourself developing more creative pictures. “

Luke also mentions that sometimes it is about working out what is going to happen and then positioning yourself to capture it perfectly, so that at the end of the day, his aim is to achieve an emotional response to capture an audience.

Selling your product visually!

Ok, so selling a product with a story works wonders!  Attractive visuals sell 94% of the time. If you can produce an image that shows the detail and versatility of your product, then it becomes a fool proof marketing tool that will sell!

Let’s check out some examples!

This is the versatile beach babe campaign from Molly and Polly Swimwear which attracts to the younger generation. As you can see they have incorporated a scenario to fit the product, fun, sexy and free!


Wild hearted, grungy styled products need imagery to match their alternative vibe. Path to Nirvana BY Surf Stitch is promoting Australian surf brands. They have sprung onto the opposite side of visual marketing by creating a chilled and relaxing feeling as opposed to the girly scenario by Molly and Polly.

As you can see, this brand has stuck to warm soft color schemes which still tend to attract the laid back styled category.


Finally, be creative!

Whether you’re telling or selling, imagery is the key to attracting your audience, followed by content. If you are reading an article about local surfers going nuts about the swell, get that in a picture to share! If you are selling a product, sell it with an eye capturing image that tells a story, that tells the consumer that it could be them!