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Build Awareness

Surf Pacific possess an arsenal of strategies and resources to differentiate your business among your competitors.


Attract Customers

Let us show you how 360 Marketing can continually grow your database, allowing your business to be found in all of the right places, where your potential customers are looking.


Convert Sales

Understand how 360 Marketing can turn strangers into friends, friends into paying customers, and customers into repeat customers.


Measure, Improve, Repeat

A dedicated, one-on-one relationship with your Strategy Director ensures that your marketing gets smarter with each revolution of 360.

An Introduction to your Strategy Director

Why is a Strategy Director important?

A trusted relationship with your dedicated Strategy Director ensures quality of work, transparency and total marketing management, all year round.

What do they do?

Strategy Directors work exclusively for a limited number of 360 Marketing clients. They are here to elevate results and provide a hassle-free service.

Who will be right for you?

During the onboarding stage, your Membership Director will pair you with the best Strategy Director based on things like your industry, size, goals and current state of marketing.

What is my relationship like?

Your Strategy Director will be a lot of things at once. A marketing expert, a great listener, an expressive communicator, an inspiring coach, an influential team leader and your best friend!

Goals, Strategies, Actions

Curiosity starts it all

We believe the ultimate strategy is listening. That’s why the first step is always a curiosity conversation. This is where your Strategy Director gets to know who you are, what you do, why you do what you do, what’s worked before and what hasn’t.

What is GSA?

GSA is simply an acronym for Goal, Strategies and Actions. The curiosity conversation provides your Strategy Director with a big, broad hunting ground of information, which is used to set a goal.

Setting a special kind of goal

Each Strategy Director goes through an intense 16-week training session on how to set a special kind of goal – known as a Surf Pacific goal. This is an outcome so compelling, that everyone wants to get behind it. It’s the kind of goal where you say to yourself, “Even if we only get half the way there, I’ll be over the moon!”

Strategies to achieve your goal

Once we have agreed on the compelling vision for your future, we develop the most effective strategies to get us there within the next 12-months. Our most successful clients have between 3 and 5 strategies working together in concert.

The First Month


Actions are the individual tasks that contribute to getting your strategies in motion. An action can be as simple as sending an email to your existing customer base or as comprehensive as overhauling your touch points so your brand has the same sex appeal as an Aston Martin Vanquish!

Briefing teams and generating momentum

Pre-production sees action briefs effectively communicated to each internal team member: web developers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, content marketers and our SEO/SEM gurus. The art of exceptional briefing is to achieve a 1+1=11 result for our client.

Quality and content control

Your dedicated Strategy Director will personally oversee two rounds of revisions before marketing collateral is presented back to you. This minimizes mistakes, ensures timelines are met and the work produced is of an exceptionally high-standard.

Delivering work back and launching

During the first month we paint with big brush strokes. In other words, we create as much marketing momentum that contributes to your goal and strategies as possible. Launching is the chief concern. In the months that follow, we refine this effort using analytics and real prospect data.

Google Philosophy

The role of Google

Google’s job as the world’s leading search engine is to organize and prioritize the world’s information. So when a consumer searches for, “Dentist Staten Island” Google want the most popular dentist in that location to appear first!

Organic searches or paid advertising?

Being found in organic searches versus the paid ads (even the yellow ones!) yields an average of 11 x more web visitors and increases the conversion of visitors to actual enquiries by over 50%.


Here’s the dirty little secret that no digital agency or marketing firm wants you to know… the most successful SEO strategy cannot be achieved by just hiring an SEO firm or expert.

A profound statement…

To successfully attract number one positions on Google, on every page that’s relevant for your business, you must understand, “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first”.

Building Better Businesses

Without SEO it’s difficult to keep score

SEO works in total harmony with the GSA (Goal, Strategies, Actions) created with your dedicated Strategy Director. Like ROI judged over the long-term, SEO is a good, informal way to keep score of how your marketing is progressing.

Peering through the SEO lens

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. Empathy with this top-down statement gives us a crystal clear lens of how to view your business, location, products, services, customers, competitors, stakeholders and opportunities.

Cheapest? Fastest? Highest quality?

Half the challenge is building a business better than any of your competitors. No matter how big your industry or small your niche – make the decision to be the best, in order to dominate Google.

Dare to be different

A clear differentiation approach to marketing gets prospects through the door and is truly influential in the sales approach of transforming those prospects into customers. When we master both you’ll find that your brand is on the tips of customers’ tongues, at all times.

Enterprise-level SEO

Be everywhere relevant on Google

For the advantage of 360 Marketing clients, Surf Pacific uses Enterprise Level SEO technologies to attract Google dominance.

360 clients competitive advantage

If acquired independently by an SME, the Enterprise SEO platform fees would run into six figures each month. That’s why this has only been the luxury of the world's leading corporations with the deepest pockets.

Immutable data and research

Enterprise tech runs a total digital marketing audit over all your competitors’ activities from over the past decade. This data guides us, in no uncertain terms; as to how we can advance their every effort and earn results for our client.

Your goals in synchronization with SEO

Your annual SEO strategy, powered by Enterprise technology, is designed to be a reflection of what’s really happening inside your business, crossed with your annual growth goals and made precise by access to deep, rich competitor data.

Reporting & Google Proofing

Monthly one-on-one reporting

Each month your Strategy Director will walk you through the essential analytics in a non-technical fashion. This not only validates the results we are getting, it ensures no opportunities are missed, as they are compared to what’s happening from inside your company.

Staying up-to-date with Google

When Google updates how its search engine algorithm ranks businesses, your digital assets must keep up, to stabilize lead results and oftentimes increase them.

Google proofing

For 360 Marketing clients, the Development team runs Google compliancy checks across all websites and online properties in real time. This guarantees our response time is as close to instant as humanly possible.

24/7 website warranty

This is radically different to the approach of many project-based web development contractors, who are quite happy to let a site die on the vine once they’ve been paid.

The Importance of Content Marketing

What is it?

The art of creating exceptionally valuable pieces of content such as blog posts, videos, articles and ebooks. These speak to your audience to develop confidence, influence and loyalty toward your business.

Why it exists?

The death of traditional advertising created a void that online advertising was able to quickly fill. The trouble with online advertising is that it’s not enough. Businesses who think like a publisher, not a marketer, are the ones who see the huge upside from what content marketing can do.

Why it matters?

Businesses who create brilliant content, on a regular basis, tell people about it on the right social media platforms, and on other digital channels, attract a flow of inbound customers.

What are the key benefits?

Content marketing positions your brand as an authoritative expert and attracts more inbound customers than you could have ever imagined.


Content is king

The better you are at using words, the better you are at making money. Ask any salesperson or street performer. From better communication comes better relationships; from better relationships come better results.

But, context is god

Surf Pacificians undergo intense training on how to frame the content they write for 360 Marketing clients in the most compelling, entertaining and topical ways imaginable. We believe facts tell, but stories sell!

Creating plot and memorable characters

Like any great story, the hero or heroine (i.e. your company, product or service) always vanquishes his enemies (your competitor, customer problems or an industry injustice) in the end. This makes them insatiable and is why they resonate with customers.

The three-act narrative structure

Like any great Hollywood film, the plot we create for every piece of 360 Marketing content has: (1) a set-up, (2) conflict – the obstacles that the hero must overcome, and (3) a satisfying resolution.

Your Content & Google

Why Google love content-rich websites

Google seek out the most popular businesses within an industry and grant them number one positions under relevant keywords. Good quality content is the only strategy for adding value and growing your website’s popularity.

Trends and pre-creation validation

Before our content marketers ever set pen to paper, each idea goes through an effective digital research and validation process to ensure an audience for the piece already exists.

Like ads that never stop running

Build it and they will come. Good content has a shelf life of years and costs virtually nothing when it’s housed on your website.


For 360 Marketing clients we create weekly content that makes a difference. We believe the best content marketing shouldn’t feel like marketing at all. How we talk to your customers shapes the result you’ll get.

Be the Media


Surf Pacificians carefully measure the success of every piece of content for our 360 Marketing clients. When a piece of content gets standout results, often we repurpose it for other applications to squeeze the most juice out of it.


Your brand’s collective and regular content marketing effort will be housed on your website. Outside of this it’ll also be syndicated to other online and offline channels. These may include: various social media platforms, online publications, blogs, forums, newspapers and magazines.


Content done extremely well, that finds its audience, widens its reach via the easy-to-share apps on social media. Not every piece of content ‘goes viral’ but when it does, interest in your business really flows!

Customer insights

One great blog post, which has been received really favorably by customers and Google, can be turned into a video, a white paper, a tutorial or an ebook. This creates even deeper value in the hearts and minds of customers.

Down with the Agency Model

How most agencies sell PPC?

Marketing firms offering Pay-Per-Click advertising services to small and medium-sized businesses use an arcane commission model. Their “management fees” can be anywhere from 15% to 40% of your ad spend.

Why taking commissions on ad spends fails

Taking a percentage commission encourages ‘bad habits’ on the agency-side, because their motivation is for you to spend as much as possible, as frequently as possible, on the ad channels that perhaps don’t best serve your business needs.

Why agencies seek the long-term ad contract?

For 360 Marketing clients, we usually deploy online advertising to gain momentum in seasonal quiet times. Unlike commission-obsessed agencies, they seek long-contracts at a high, fixed monthly spend (because their commission is tied to this).

What happens when an agency sells to everyone?

Many commission-based agencies do not offer exclusivity when it comes to selling your competitors as well. Too many competitors vying for the same searches drive the individual PPC up. You might have been paying $2.20 per click, but with all your competitors at it, you can end up paying $68.40 for the same single click.

Proven Ad Strategy

Understanding client goals

Your 360 Marketing Strategy Director will first take the time to audit any existing or past advertising effort, as well as, uncover a grounded understanding of your lead-quantity needs. From there a sensible budget can be decided and a plan created.

The advertising map

We take the same hedging approach for our 360 Marketing clients as the world’s greatest investors take with their asset portfolios. Which is to say, we get the biggest bang for your buck by diversifying the inbound lead pools.

Applied human intelligence

This is a critical differentiator of 360 Marketing. While we use Enterprise PPC technology, the human touch is still absolutely necessary to find areas where you could be running in a race with no or few other competitors, and a single-dollar augments to the power of x20.

Google remarketing – touching clients several times

For high-ticket purchases in particular, Google Remarketing, coupled with display advertising, is the most effective service on the planet! It’s almost hypnotic in its conversion capabilities. Your warm prospects will get you in surround-sound in a non-invasive, passive way.

Making your Ads run harder

Controlling the ad funnel

Advertising alone can no longer build businesses. However, advertising combined with 360 Marketing can have transformative results. We identify your key buying personas and buying stages, and develop supporting digital marketing properties that speak directly to them. This affects the quality and quantity of inbound leads by at least 300%.

Landing pages

PPC or social media ads that click-through to your main website have a far lesser result than those that click-through to custom-created landing pages. A landing page minimizes user-distractions, allows us to control your message, adds greater value with your offer, collects prospect details, and can be measured/refined for success.

The freebie or give

We are advocates of adding value to prospects to convert them into great customers. One of the ways we do this comes down to what we offer, in exchange for their contact information and enquiry, on your landing page(s). This often comes in the form of; free reports, ebooks, exclusive video content, and a tutorial or entry into a competition.

Email campaigns for every outcome

When advertising is integrated with list-building, buying persona archiving and email marketing – results triple and compound. Part of 360 Marketing will be creating different series of emails to go out to different types of prospects, depending on their level of interest in what you sell.

Eliminating Money-Burners

Same result, less spend

Once your advertising is contributing to an optimum level of inbound lead results, our next strategy is to reduce the amount you are spending, by identifying ‘money-burners’, without lessening the number of leads you are obtaining. This is usually executed over a period of 4 to 6 months, and puts between 25% and 65% of your ad spend back in your pocket.

Measuring your ad results

Optimum ad measurement is weekly, reporting monthly, with in-depth audits (to identify real trends) taking place bi-monthly. Our SEM experts and enterprise ad technology gives you the competitive advantage that most small businesses don’t have, nor their boutique marketing agencies have access too.

Reinvesting the saved cash in other ads

With the money saved by eliminating money-burners, the best ad strategy is to reinvest it for a compounded result into other advertising opportunities. This usually sees clients go offline into magazines or print media, or into events and sponsorships.

Turning followers into raving fans

Social media for business

For most of us, social networking is the number one daily activity of communication. Yet many successful business owners shudder at the thought of having to maintain several social media accounts on a daily basis. With 360 Marketing, we manage our clients social media in pursuit of real business results.

Thickening the word-of-mouth business stream

Social media is not an improvement to modern society, it is a challenge to it. Cool posts and kind comments make friends and drive a steady stream of the best type of business - word-of-mouth referrals.

Selling-by-association to friends-of-friends

Over 75% of consumers are reported to have considered online reviews when determining which local business to use. Your online reputation affects customer-buying decisions. What customers are saying about you, your staff, your products and your services on social media matters. We influence the conversation to make sure the right things are being said.

Collecting positive reviews from your tribe

Google Reviews, Trip Advisor & Yelp Reviews are growing at a phenomenal rate. Sustaining a positive outside perception is a vital part of 360 Marketing as it contributes to the survival of your business and the success of all marketing efforts.

Profiling and advertising

Higher conversions

Social media marketing results in higher conversion rates in a unique way. The most significant is its humanization factor; brands become more human by walking, talking, singing and dancing on social media platforms.

Ultra-precise, targeted approach

Social media also gives you an opportunity to gain valuable information about what your customers are interested in and how they behave, via social listening. From there you are able to better profile and target customers in pursuit of better leads and more of them.

A personalized form of advertising

Social media is a place where brands can act like people do, and this is important because people like doing business with other people; not with companies.

Social advertising momentum

The longer you wait, the more you have to lose. Social media advertising, when done right, can lead to more customers, more traffic, and more conversions, and it’s here to stay. However, social advertising for most businesses is not enough and must be hedged with other types of PPC.

Differentiation Strategy

Radically different…

Your Strategy Director will work closely with you to get to the essence of what your uniqueness really is. Surf Pacific influence customer awareness to demonstrate, via educational marketing, how your business is running a race with virtually no other competitors.

…but appropriate

Differentiation gets prospects and customers toes tapping as well as their heads nodding. However, in every action we take, it’s also important that you seem sagely appropriate and true to your line of business as well. Differentiation without being appropriate risks being artful or even absurd.

Competitor benchmarking

At various stages of 360 Marketing we’ll benchmark the efforts of your territory and virtual competitors. This exercise is only in pursuit of creating work of all kinds that is head and shoulders elevated from their best effort.

Purpose, vision and values

Together with your Strategy Director, we’ll find out your ‘why’s’ in life and amplify them through every marketing collateral created and decision made.

Complete brand creation

Brand strategy

A brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what your customers say it is. Therefore, a brand, like a culture, cannot be created. You get one by default or by design. Surf Pacific’s winning brand strategy is to influence your brand from the top-down, so it’s favorably grown from the bottom-up.

Brand design

The brands we design for 360 Marketing clients elevate their marketplace position, make them feel better about themselves, win customers, and retain the customers they want to keep.

Slogans and bylines

Explaining your purpose beyond profit in a sentence or three little words is far more difficult than it sounds. Our brand team are experts at developing slogans and bylines that you’ll use indefinitely.

Defining your brand language

Designing how your business walks, talks, sings and dances is an essential element toward creating a brand that your customers gravitate towards and remain with. We call this brand language.

Designing your brand universe

Digital marketing collaterals

We know that intuitive, intelligent and emotive design can move people to action. Yet, we also believe that successful digital design is not about pretty pixels. It needs to positively impact bottom line objectives. More sales, higher conversions, greater loyalty and a more engaging online experience.

Print marketing collaterals

From information memorandums for property developers to brochures for dentists, through to catalogues for retailers or direct mail solutions for luxury brands, we can provide you with printed product literature that creates engaging responses and strong brand exposure.

Integrating all brand touchpoints

Our designers, managed by your dedicated Strategy Director, will create an infinite sensory palette of visual and verbal expression. Your brand can be echoed with consistency and to the fullest integrated effect across every brand touchpoint that’s important to your company.

Direct marketing

A precisely tailored and targeted piece of creative direct mail can deliver the right response when it lands on the welcome mat of your potential customer. From idea brainstorming and creative design, through to the final printed product, 360 Marketing has your direct mail needs covered.


What is a responsive design?

A responsive site could just as easily be called a transformer site. In other words, it becomes the best version of itself whether it’s accessed from a huge TV, desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a phone.

Why does it matter so much?

A responsive site means you’ll reach the widest group of your audience possible. Our audience-centric philosophy means a harmony always exists between function and the website appearing aesthetically pleasing.

The power of x10000 behind each SurfSite

Every site that Surf Pacific has created has been performance audited to seek truths and commonalities that make our modern sites the best they truly can be.

Absolute Google compliancy

The best websites understand their customers and respect their needs and preferences. A company’s website should quickly answer these questions: “Who is this company? Why does anyone need to know? What’s in it for me?” - this is 50% of equation. Our leading Google proofing processes handles the other 50%.

Email Marketing

Bespoke email campaigns

Regular emailing supports product launches, new service announcements, changes in your business and creates motion with inactive existing customers. Ask your Strategy Director about some of their most successful email campaigns for clients.

Seasonal relevancy and offers via email

Passive EDM’s done correctly can dramatically spike sales. These are the email offers sent to your customer and prospect databases around key events such as, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and Melbourne Cup day.

Personalized customer-database emails

This style of email is letter, written from one person to another, as if it’s been written just for them – except it hasn’t. When this is handled with care, this type of correspondence invariably gets a much higher response rate.

Custom autoresponder email series

An email series that follows different paths depending on customer response can increase the conversion rate by as much as 70%. This is usually integrated with web enquiries and landing page form submissions to maximize results.

In the media

A story worth telling

The first step for virtually all clients, whether being in the media is a top priority or not, is to build a core story around their business and their offerings. This is built around market data, not product data. This defines their uniqueness and clarifies their value proposition

Smaller, worthwhile stories

We believe that while facts tell, stories sell. That’s why for many clients we seek to find the smaller stories that have delivered remarkable results. These are often told via written and video case studies, and then amplified through every available and relevant channel.

Ad buying and getting PR coverage

If we’re purchasing ad space for a client, we’ll often negotiate journalistic coverage as part of the deal for our 360 Marketing client, to double or triple the exposure and results.

Syndicating content to the relevant media

Once the core story is developed, and a system is in place to generate a flow of smaller stories, we syndicate this content beyond the website to other relevant news media and social media to reach the broadest audience.

Online reputation management

Ensuring brand promises are made and kept

Our GSA methodology clarifies your business and goals. This process also eradicates any mixed associations or ambiguity around your products and services. So when you re-enter the market you delight customers by under promising and over delivering.

Adding value to solve damaging problems

The only person who can change an authentic negative review or star rating is the person who wrote it. Our value-add systems are in place to influence customers to positively alter reviews.

Encouraging positive online reviews

Part of 360 Marketing is about accentuating the positive (reviews) and eliminating the negative (reviews). The way we do this is by deploying a comprehensive email campaign that gently solicits feedback from great customers only. This is how 4.5+ star ratings are maintained on Google and Facebook.

Designing effective Sales Presentations

Auditing the existing presentation

Our influencer coaches believe the ultimate strategy is to first listen. To hear the way your employees answer the phones, how you sell your products and services, how you close? Upsells? Downsells? Cross-sells? This gives us the starting point to make dramatic improvements

What is influencer coaching?

Sales - or ‘influence’ as we say – is a subsection of marketing. Marketing is anything that can bring new business through the doors. When your people start saying the right things, at the right time, to the right prospects, in a highly effective, learned and systemized way, your results will quite literally explode.

Who does influencer coaching?

Influencer coaching is the newest tenant of 360 Marketing, only added in 2015. It is currently only available to 360 Marketing Performance and Enterprise clients. The four Gray brothers, all of who lead Surf Pacific – Gregory, James, Charlie and Edward - handle all influencer coaching engagements with clients. Depending on your staff levels and size, coaching takes place usually takes place at Surf Pacific’s head offices in Queensland. Saturday and Sunday sessions can also be accommodated. Our Strategy Coordinator can make arrangements for flights, cars, hotels and any other travel requirements to Queensland’s Gold Coast. Regular coaching workshops and refreshers to ensure all team members stay on track are carried out on a regular basis via phone conference or Skype.

Enjoy a ‘head in the game’ staff culture

Top down! We start with the leader…

The primary aim of influencer coaching to raise the sales standards of the men and women within our client’s business. Influencer coaching always starts with the owner or business leader.

Then we move to front-line staff and non-sales staff

Once this coaching is underway, we focus our energies on the front-line employees. Those who encounter frequent sales opportunities, interface with existing customers and handle inbound phone or web enquiries. The last step is everyone else, even those who don’t directly deal with your customers.

#headinthegame culture

This is essential as it aligns the influence-culture of our client’s business so completely. We call this a #headinthegame culture. Be warned though influencer coaching doesn’t merely motivate employees. It engages each of them to think about the success of your business like a business owner, take daily action toward this and get rewarded for a new level of result. When this happens, ‘weekends’ and ‘holidays’ and ‘sick days’ cease to be the driver of employee excitement, ‘kicking ass and taking names!’ takes its place.

Getting the Most out of your Videos

Preparing the video discussions

One of the most effective and easy-to-deliver types of online videos to produce, with consistency, for businesses are the Q&A format that we see on television all the time.

Positioning yourself as the expert

Even for clients who are typically camera-shy, Q&A format is less-confronting than a straight-to-camera style. We have also found that being timidly on camera comes across as humility, and positions you as an immutable expert.

Live Q&A coaching

By having your influencer coach present on the filming day, usually in the role of interviewer, will statistically improve your on-camera performance and will increase the videos results by at least 300%!

Soft sell videos

These videos can be used on your website and other digital properties. They can also be syndicated to all other forms of social media and media channels. We can even create DVD’s that can be handed out instead of brochures and have a much higher impact.

Influencer Speaking Coaching

1-2-MANY approach

For businesses where there is no upper limit of the potential customers they could be taking. After we have our 1-2-1 systems firing on all twelve-cylinders. We look to moving the sales process to a 1-2-MANY model.


1-2-MANY leverages the sales capability, time and resourcefulness of most effective communicator within a business. This is usually the business leader, who usually happens to be the most time-poor person within the organization.

Multiple sales

1-2-MANY multiples the sales opportunities for any business. This means hosting regular information evenings for prospects, presenting at events and educating prospects at large speaking engagements.

Other 1-2-MANY opportunities

Press junkets, television appearances and fundraiser speeches can also play a role in 1-2-MANY influencer coaching.

How to be a good client

Not majoring in minor things

We believe the ultimate strategy is listening. And our very best clients share this belief. The worst clients tend to be those who always know best and don’t listen. These clients tend to suffocate their campaign by sweating the small stuff. It’s important to remember that while your Strategy Director doesn’t know your business as thoroughly as you, when it comes to marketing, they’ve done this at least 200 x before and they know the road ahead.

Not counting hours

We report how the hours will be used in every piece of work created. The absolute worst clients count and criticize how the hours are being used constantly. This paralyzes a campaign and wastes more time (that in the end the client pays for). Interestingly, for clients who don’t do this; when we’re in a busy or successful month and their work requires say an additional 20-hours, this is provided to them without charge.

Prompt payment

360 Marketing is a subscription service, paid for each month by an automatic direct debit or credit card. For bad clients who unjustly withhold payment, hold is put on all campaigns 14-days after a missed payment. This wastes time; as the campaign loses momentum and prevents great marketing work from receiving the fighting chance it deserves.

Employees who slow things down (by putting their thumbprint on the work)

360 Marketing could just as easily be called Marketing for Business Leaders. Most CEO’s and Senior Executives will assign someone internally to work with Surf Pacific. However, we insist a door remains open for the Strategy Director to communicate with the business owner. The trouble with some employees is it is not their money that’s being spent and inter-office status is a paramount concern. This can waste significant time and slow the process of creating exceptional marketing work. Remember a ‘perfectionist’ can be defined as someone who can’t tell the difference between what’s important and what’s irrelevant.

Listening & Ongoing Relationship

Open communication with the business owner

In every 360 Marketing engagement we insist there be clear lines of communication between your Strategy Director and the business leader or owner, as some of the decisions will require a decision-maker to green light them.

Proactive versus reactive

It’s essential that your marketing is always executed from a proactive standpoint as much as humanly possible. And reactive, damage control style marketing is reduced to an essential minimum. Talk to your Strategy Director to find out more about the most efficient ways to make this happen.

Understanding your the seasons of your business

On the monthly reporting call, your Strategy Director will discuss the coming months as well. This is useful to develop an understanding of the cycles and seasons (both positive and negative) of your business. In other words, they will make it their mission to do whatever is right for your business at any given time.

Monthly reporting and improvement

Your Strategy Director will consult with you each month to both report back and walk you through the essential numbers (from your Google Analytics), explaining what the production team are doing to positively affect them.

Choosing the right solution

An hour here is not like an hour anywhere else

Surf Pacific have created over 10,000 websites and marketed over 1,000 businesses from all over the world. So when it comes to creating a new piece of marketing work, oftentimes our team doesn’t have to start from scratch. In other words, there is an abundance of exceptional work to re-use or borrow from. That’s why an hour at Surf Pacific is unlike an hour from any other firm. We are able to effectively get the same or better result for our clients, in a single hour, where it might take anyone else 5 or 10 hours to do. We call this the power of x 10.

Plan to Budget ratio

Choosing which is the right 360 Marketing plan is for you is real easy! Of your total marketing budget the cost of 360 Marketing should equate to 50% (30% is optimum, but with most SME’s we grow them to this). The remaining monies are channeled into ad spend (promotions, monies paid to Google AdWords or Facebook, or magazine advertising).

Why 12 Months?

This is not an advertisement. Engaging 360 Marketing is about activating real human time and energy. The success of the program is because we get behind a client's goal as if it were our own. To do this effectively 12-months is the essential minimum. Plus, this contract term allows your Strategy Director to borrow hours from upcoming months in very busy times, when they are most needed.


360 Marketing clients are free to upgrade their service to receive more hours per month, at a better per-hour rate, at any time during the year. When new business results start to flow, this is often done out of necessity, instead of desire.