February 11, 2016

Story-telling in a social world – how?

How do you get your point across? And how do you provide detailed information quickly?

The answer is simple. A new marketing concept, known as micro-content, is used to combine detailed information in a way that is quick to view for the modern day social bandit.

Why do we look for a quicker way to provide information? Well, if you were short for time, would you prefer detailed data fed to you fast or slow? Micro-content is fast! With the use of short videos, infographics, memes, hashtags and animated business gifs; you can now supply detailed information to your clientele easier than ever.

madi2Quick is good

Along with the acceleration of technology and the way people receive data; micro-content is now at the top of any great marketing criteria list. It supplies information in a fraction of the time it takes to read and study.  This is perfect for the busy businessman/woman who requires detailed information without it being too time-consuming, thus selling the product due to its convenience to the client.


How to go about it?madi3

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as creating a little picture saying “BUY ME”. You will need to be creative, colorful and to the point. If there is a subject you want to get out there, you can always do this by creating the micro-content, combining it with a link to more information if necessary and having a call to action there and ready to go!

Micro-content can be easy if you have the right idea behind it, remember if you are trying to capture the attention of people who have no idea who you are, you will need to make it pop! Make what you are talking about catchy and ensure you have all details for further information there to seal that deal.










If you believe that micro-content can help you, contact Surf pacific today and let us show you how we can accelerate your business with the use of attractive data.