Stop marketing like its 1965 | Surf Pacific
March 18, 2016

Stop marketing like it’s 1965

It’s time we stop rehashing old marketing tactics and start marketing like the year we live in.

It blows me away the amount of money businesses are still spending on advertising that holds zero benefit to their consumer; in most cases their consumers’ attention isn’t even there to begin with. Pre-roll ad views… That annoying voice that interrupts your music streaming service… These are new spins on old-school interruption advertising and impression based marketing. There are better places to be spending your money today which yield a much greater ROI. Good marketing should be a total overhaul, not a new take on old tactics.

To really gain your consumers’ attention, get them excited about something or compel them to take action, it all comes down to engagement – engagement, not impressions. They need to consume what you’re giving them and really invest themselves in it. That’s the name of the game.

In 2016, there are two places you should be focusing your energy in order to gain that much sought after consumer engagement. One of those is mobile, and the social networks within it, the other is video.

Anyone who doesn’t realize that mobile phone is the television of the modern era is straight up ignorant. Watching a video and an ad comes on? Pre-roll shows up? What’s the first thing you do? Reach for your phone to skip it, right? As soon as you’re interrupted by an invasive ad, you become annoyed. Plus the phone is always there, chances are it’s within arm’s reach right now, perhaps you’re reading this blog from it? Thought so.

In the mobile world, there are a variety of opportunities and ways to create content that will grab your consumer’s attention and garner engagement. Write a blog; post a creative and beautiful image on Instagram; post a bunch of content to Facebook or Twitter and see what does best.

These are all good ways to encourage engagement but the method that is ruling the content universe and gaining consumer engagement at the moment is video.

Video has always been the best way of gaining deep engagement with an audience. The success of television shows and movies has shown us this and the internet hasn’t changed this; on the contrary, it has made it more glaringly obvious. Not only that, but the internet age has amplified the importance of video and the role it plays in allowing you to connect with your audience, as well as providing the tools to put it into the hands of a much larger audience quite literally.

Creating engaging content has never been easier, and the social networks who are leading the race are simply doing so because of the amount of emphasis they place on video content. Incorporating this into your marketing efforts is a no-brainer. It’s time we stop marketing like yesteryear and get with the times. Consumers don’t want to be interrupted so start engaging and stop selling.