Snapchat has dethroned Instagram as the most popular social network | Surf Pacific
April 22, 2016

Snapchat has dethroned Instagram as the most popular social network

A recent study has revealed that Snapchat is now the most popular social network, at least among its target demographic – teens.

The last year has been huge for Snapchat, a string of new features, the introduction of business and major endorsement from the one and only Gary Vee (followed quickly by every other digital marketing agency and social media expert) are among the networks highlights.

The recent study, led by Piper Jaffray, polled about 6,500 U.S teens asking them what they felt was the most important social network. The majority (28%) voted Snapchat as their most important network, with its predecessor Instagram coming in second (with 27%), followed by both Twitter and Facebook. While these findings may not be surprising considering Snapchat’s current moment, it is interesting to see how quickly it has become relevant. The same survey in spring 2015 showed Snapchat coming in fourth behind all other major networks. A slight increase to third place in fall 2015 was the precursor to this top spot placement.

This official nod firmly cements Snapchat in the big leagues, which means if you are targeting young people – you have no excuse for resisting the transition into Snapchat for business.

Wondering how on earth Snapchat could benefit your business? Try these tips

  1. Go behind the scenes: Everyone loves knowing secrets. In the business world, these can present themselves as sneak peeks and windows into behind the scenes operations. Snapchat is a great tool to share a quick pic of a new product, designers, collaborators, the journey before the release of your new product or service and the lifestyle of your company. Hints provide hype. Snapchat is made for sharing sneak peeks as the image disappears.
  2. Make it fun: Snapchat is very casual. Audiences are young, and they want to consume content that is fresh, engaging, upbeat and colorful. Have fun with the filters, stickers, and digital crayons. You love what you do, and you have fun doing it – show your audience that!
  3. No novels!: Keep everything short and snappy! Snapchat is just that, a snap. Audiences don’t sit on Snapchat endlessly scrolling like on Instagram or Facebook, they are likely viewing content quickly while on the move or standing in line. Respect your audience’s time by keeping this simple and short. Remember that over the course of the day, individual videos can be collected into a story which can be useful for reinforcing a message or having a longer term game.

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