Repurposing content so you can work smart, not hard
April 15, 2016

Repurposing content so you can work smart, not hard

In my previous blog One size does not fit all: Tailoring content for each platform, I urged business owners to understand each social media platform thoroughly and only post content that suited the platform. While I will never promote content cloning – the act of posting the same photo across every platform with the same caption – repurposing your content is a strategy I can get behind. By repurposing content, you have spent time and energy on, you will get the most value out of that content as well as saving yourself time in the long run.

Example: repurposing video content


While video content is essential to every business’ marketing campaign, there is no denying it can take up a lot of time and resources. If you think about it, you’ve had to research and write a script, set up all the gear, go through a few takes and then edit it all together which can take anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks or months depending on your skill level and how busy you are. The payoff can be 120% worth it if you utilise it properly.

A completed video can be repurposed across all social media channels with a bit of creative flair.


A video pretty much writes a blog itself. You’ve already gone to the trouble of thinking of a topic, researching in some cases, writing a script or practicing what you are going to say. Reworking a transcript and adding in any extra information that didn’t make the cut in the video is a great use of your own resources.

You can then link to the blog in the video description on YouTube as a way to gain more information on this interesting topic.

It didn’t take you as long as writing a blog from scratch and acted as a mutual marketing strategy – the blog promoting the video and the video promoting the blog which doubles your exposure.


So you’ve spent a heap of time making your video, and now you have a blog kicking around with a modified transcript. Seeing it written down you realise you’ve made some killer statements that the world really needs to know about. It’s easy to grab a quote and blast in on Twitter but you can do better than that!

Chuck your quote into Photoshop or Canva and create a cool typography image with a catchy font and colour scheme, add an image if you’re game. Now you can send it into the world on Instagram and watch the likes roll in – remember to let everyone know ‘the link to this AWESOME blog is in my bio.’

Again, this doesn’t have to take that long. You already have the quote – just make it look cool and schedule.

BONUS: If Pinterest is more your thing, this kind of thing works well there too.


It would be easy to simply share a YouTube link onto your page, but is this the best way to repurpose your video? I think you can do better. A video that works on YouTube or your website won’t automatically work on Facebook. You want something that catches the eye as your audience is scrolling through their feeds.

Repurposing the video for Facebook can be as simple as shortening the video and adding some subtitles then uploading to Facebook rather than via YouTube. This promotes engagement and allows users to watch videos without sound which is extremely helpful for those scrolling through Facebook at night while their partners are asleep next to them. Remember to link to the full video or the blog for more information.

Down with content cloning

There is absolutely no excuse for sharing the same content across all social media platforms. This is lazy thinking and isn’t going to promote audience engagement at all. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend time and resources creating new content over and over again. Repurposing means you can work smart not hard and keep marketing the same piece of content in new and engaging ways.