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We nurture and protect your reputation by monitoring how your brand is perceived, and address any reputation issues.

Total Marketing Management

It Starts Here

How can you engage future patients and make them love you before they meet you?

It feels as though the same businesses are always in the media. Think about it; every time the local paper talks about finance, each time The Herald Sun discusses car loan trends, it’s often the same person or company. Why? Because their public relations activities ensure they are Top of Mind.

Great public relations isn’t just sending out one killer press release and suddenly getting thousands of clients. The best public relations activities develop a Top of Mind position for you, your brand and your business narrative.

This positions you as the ‘go-to’ for an expert opinion in your field; and what does an expert’s professional calendar look like? Fully booked. Months in advance.

Statistics show that over 75% of all ‘news’ published is placed news, generated by great public relations activities, creating a ‘newsworthy’ story for the patient. Why? Well, people are so accustomed to ads that they engage with them less and less. The focus of their attention is on the ‘organic’ story. Think about the last time you read a magazine; did you focus on the ads or did you read the articles.

PR within 360 Marketing delivers a Top of Mind presence to the right people, all of the time.

Targeted and Tailored Approaches

No one else can boast the commitment, contacts and coverage of the Surf Pacific PR team. We stop at nothing to ensure we exceed our clients expectations, on time, every time.

3 Reasons businesses with great PR succeed

Top of Mind presence

Think of a baby shampoo brand, now think of a cola brand - did you think Johnson’s and Coke? That’s the power of a Top of Mind presence. Great PR ensures you are the first company thought of when the media, or potential clients, are looking for an expert in your field. An up-and-coming business can beat the recognised industry leaders time and time again with a Top of Mind presence and the right message.

They promote their expertise, not their products

No matter which industry you are in there will be one provider that is recognised as the best. What makes this provider the best isn't just their product, it's their expertise. It's the Specialist doctor you want an appointment with, it's the salesman that knows everything about not only the car but the added benefits and services, that gets commission off your BMW purchase. PR campaigns that showcase and focus on your business narrative and expertise are the only way to achieve long-term success. People will remember your story, not your product.

They never stop publishing

It is foolish to think that sending out a single press release will generate a media storm and hundreds of new clients. The best PR campaigns run year round and are hooked into what is going on in the world around us. Great PR connects your business narrative and expertise to larger news stories time and time again. There is no more reliance on one single A4 sheet of paper. There is a relationship and trust between yourself and media outlets, built up over time, that neither of you wants to break.

Our emails and enquiries are always dealt with very promptly and precisely, like “good old fashioned service”.

Our social media has also been given a real boost by the Surf Pacific experts.

Dr Jane Paterson

Leading Plastic Surgeon, Melbourne