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If you know you should have online advertising, but Adwords and Facebook Power Editor confuse you to the point where you’re not sure it’s worth it, and feel a little like a money pit, you’re in the right place.


Ready to start broadcasting your brand in surround sound?

Experience matters

Unlike some of our competitors, Surf Pacific doesn’t take a commission out of your ad budget. What this means is every cent of your ad budget is spent on ads, and we also won’t necessarily chase the most expensive keywords, just so we can line our own pockets. Instead, we consult extensively with you to find out what your goals are, then we go away and do the research, and come back to you with a carefully considered plan to deliver the best return on every advertising dollar you spend. We’re also constantly reviewing the performance of your ads, and adjusting them if it’s needed to maximise your bang for buck.

We’ll also take the time to really get to know your brand and product, and ensure you’re only using the advertising channels which will get you results.


Ready to start broadcasting your brand in surround sound?

What our clients are saying

Get on with doing what you’re best at

Sure, you could do your own online advertising. But unless you really know what you’re doing, then it’s highly likely you’ll simply end up throwing money into a void. Then there’s the fact that the biggest online advertising platforms seem to be constantly messing with the way things work, so every time you go to do something, it’s a little bit different to last time. Rather than stressing yourself trying to work out how to use something which you’re not passionate about, spend your time doing what you do best within your business, and let us do what we do best on your behalf. We take your goal on as if it was our own, and we take no commission, so you know that everything we do is with your very best interests at heart.

Whether you’re contemplating online advertising with Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, remarketing, or more, we can help you get your brand in front of the right people.

Are you ready to start broadcasting your brand in surround sound?
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