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Professionally, I’ve been drawn to challenges in cinematography and videography. I love to capture soul nourishing moments and live events with various camera systems, such as: cinema cameras, multicamera live switching, drones and other action cameras.

I’m an all-round cinematographer and entrepreneur. A creative mind with developed technical, team leading and business development skills.

I bring a vast experience of supporting independent filmmaking and teachable understanding of video production. I have an educated point of view on current trends and aesthetics in cinematography and video editing: this makes my insight and expertise invaluable on any production.

The most important thing in business is to foster creativity and take a stand for the values and ethics of the team/business. It’s important to work in a collegial and inspiring environment and to be thrilled about every project!

The hardest client I’ve worked with is Film Victoria. I was Directing Open Channel in Melbourne, I had to negotiate a partnership with the State Government while regaining their trust, which had been damaged from years of previous management.

The hardest thing about my job is to surrender to the limited capacity of the client. When we agree on a vision for their project and they don’t follow through with the full agreement.

I’m incredibly grateful about the opportunity my work is bringing to my life. So, it is difficult to wish much was different. I’m always excited to add new possibilities in my work by using new equipment, situations and exciting talents.

Good management is allowing individuals to shine. It’s about encouraging their abilities and successes and to help them grow in their areas of potential!

I see the marketing industry going into more deliberate, personal and experiential productions. This will be where brand engagement is made through building rapport, whether directly to brand ambassadors or socially in real life situations.

I’m fascinated by minimal design that is functional, conceptual and has a strong emotional impact. My favourite example is an artwork from Yoko Ono, an installation of a chess board table with two wooden chairs, all the pieces are painted white and the title is: Play until you don’t know who you enemy is.

A good client becomes a friend. They are open to creative ideas when it comes to marketing their projects.

A bad client is desperate about the outcomes for the job we do together. A bad client has not matured emotionally and is demanding more energy than they gives.

The essence of good marketing is engaging storytelling. The BEST marketing will tap into cultural archetypes and fascinate its audience.

The most challenging client I had was a woman producing a short film. she was late, unprepared and was abusive to me in a discriminatory way.

The most challenging situation I can think of recently is a client that wouldn’t follow through with clarifying my creative brief after repeated requests and broke our agreement by text message. The job was already delivered but he wasn’t satisfied but he wouldn’t communicate why.

My favourite occupation is to film soul-driven people sharing their life mission and stories.

I’m in a state of gratitude and excitement at the endless possibilities in my life! 

My hobbies are many and varied. I love to grow sacred plants and participate in ceremonies. I’m a beach volleyball player and I love paragliding. I read a lot of books about philosophy, health, psychology as well as exotic literature. I love road trips and camping in wild areas.

To unwind from work I love spending time with my wife and her daughter. I enjoy watching movies together, going to the beach or for an adventure.