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As a performer, I’ve grown up to be very expressive and creative. Marketing allows me to do exactly this, as I get to express clients’ values and intentions. I also like to problem solve, which is why I paired my business degree with a Bachelor of Law.

I would describe myself professionally as enthusiastic, passionate and intuitive.

I bring a strong work ethic and a willingness to always learn new things to my job. I learn best by actually engaging in projects, rather than simply learning from listening. I enjoy putting what I learn into action straight away.

The most important thing in business is having a strong, connected team working together towards a common goal. If you have multiple individuals with their own agendas, you won’t get anywhere. While communication is obviously important in a team environment, I believe constantly teaching people things to better themselves as a professional is invaluable.

The hardest thing about my job is not meeting my own expectations.

Good management is one that’s equally professional and personable. After all, what’s the point in having a leader who you can’t talk with? I really respect leaders who genuinely care about their employees and who help them grow and thrive as an industry professional.

I believe marketing will consume social media.  This will prompt the creation of other platforms and ideas which will pose new opportunities for marketers that don’t even exist yet.

A good client is one who’s open to new ideas and has clear goals for their company. They also have a clear expectation of what their marketing will achieve.

A bad client is one who has unrealistic expectations. They think the effects of marketing happen overnight.

The essence of good marketing is knowing your client and distilling that knowledge into an effective marketing strategy. It’s taking their values, products/services and goals and condensing it into a concise and effective marketing strategy that is flexible to changes in the environment.

My current state of mind is that I’m completely out of my comfort zone. This is exactly where I want to be.

I enjoy dancing, yoga, travelling, exploring and learning. Outside of work, I play my with cat, Leonardo di Catrio; and hang out with my family and friends.