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March 18, 2016

One size does not fit all: tailoring content for each platform

Just as every person and every business is unique, media platforms are too. Each media landscape requires a different tone and different strategy to navigate their individual pros and cons. You can think about this in terms of old media. You wouldn’t put a newspaper article on television – it doesn’t utilise the medium. Similarly, you wouldn’t put a blog length post as a Facebook update and so on.

To help you navigate the range of platforms available to you, I’ve compiled this list of the most popular platforms and the most appropriate content.


Facebook is still the social media powerhouse for personal and business use with 93% of Australian social media users logging onto the site.

We recommend using Facebook for:

  • Untitled-1Behind-the-scenes photos of your business – clients love seeing familiar faces and places and are more likely to interact with ‘real life’ posts on this platform.
  • Links to blog posts – ensure you use a relatable image and call to action
  • Business updates – Facebook is the place your audience will go to for opening times, particularly around public holidays!


The infamous 140 characters or less means not every piece of content will be applicable for Twitter. The business community is lively across Twitter so make sure you cater your content accordingly.

We recommend trying:

  • Quotes – share customer reviews, quotes from you (the business owner) or key players in your team
  • Industry news – retweeting industry news is a great method to starting a conversation with your followers and other like-minded professionals
  • Announcements – utilize the short and sweet nature to break news and update followers
  • Link to videos or images – link to your Youtube/Vine account or Instagram to share visual content


This photo/video sharing app has an incredible following and has huge potential for audience interaction. We recommend utilizing this platform’s image based preference and avoid lengthy comments or captions. Keep it simple and let your images do the talking!

  • Images – be creative here. Utilize the filters and editing apps that complimentinsta Instagram well. This is not the place for grainy, unfocused
  • Special offers – Instagram promotes tagging friends so it’s always a good idea to share any promotions, special offers and announcements here. Again make it creative and visually appealing
  • Short videos – if you get video created for your business, ask them to cut a short Instagram-appropriate You can link to the full video in the caption or in your bio.


LinkedIn is a great way to network with industry professionals as well as potential employees and consultants. Tailor content towards industry specific information using a more business-minded approach.

Try these:

  • Product updates and announcements– share any new developments about your business
  • Blog posts – link to your blog, particularly when it is an interesting and informative topic (which it should always be!)
  • Job listings – share any upcoming employment opportunities

Content cloning

As well as knowing each medium, it’s important to understand that content cloning is not really an option either. Just because a medium supports images doesn’t mean you should post the same images across every platform. While you can still promote your latest blog post across mediums – do it in an interesting and new way. Don’t add the same image and text. This can be boring and shows a lazy attitude. It is likely to cause your audience to unfollow at least one of your accounts. However, once you have an understanding of each platform and individual strategies for each this will remove the issue of content cloning altogether.

The world of social media can be overwhelming, particularly when they seem similar in some aspects and different in others. Surf Pacific has a team of content and social media experts to help business’ navigate the social media world. Contact us today!