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Surf Pacific Pty Ltd (Australia) & Surf Pacific LLC (U.S.A.)

Company Overview
Surf Pacific are B2B Profit Growth Specialists. The core purview of our business activities encompasses business strategy, on and offline tactical marketing and influence coaching.

Our Locations
Surf Pacific have offices located at:
5348 Vegas Drive, Suite 714, Las Vegas, Nevada 89108, U.S.A.,
Suite 30307, Level 3, Tower 3, SPC, 9 Lawson Street, Southport, Queensland 4215, Australia.

Our Team
Collectively the companies have 35 + full time staff. The team consists of Directors, senior partners, strategy directors, influence coaches, digital advertising specialists, tactical marketers, PR officers, copywriters, content marketers, graphic designers, web designers, developers, search engine optimisation specialists and videographers.

Our Services
Under the auspices of Surf Pacific 360, Surf Pacific offers five (5), 12 or 24-month campaigns:

Effective | Competitive | Performance | Dominant | Enterprise

Each campaign is individually designed and structured to give you, the client, a positive financial outcome as soon as is practically possible.

Surf Pacific 360 Partner Program
Where a client elects to sign up under the auspices of the Surf Pacific 360 Partner Program at a discounted monthly payment rate, the client agrees to give Surf Pacific, at least, two (2) quality referrals that enroll into a Surf Pacific 360 Program within the client’s 12 or 24-month contract term. Where more than two additional clients are enrolled in the program within the client’s contract term, the client can either receive a FREE 360 Program upgrade or a CASH Bonus (details supplied on request). Failure to meet these requirements will result in the client having to pay the shortfall balance between the New Client Rate and the Partner Program Rate at the end of their 12 or 24-month term. Please ensure you read and understand Surf Pacific’s Intellectual Property clause.

Our Terms & Conditions
All campaigns are entered into for a 12 or 24 month period. They centre on both strategic and tactical actions which for the most part are planned, produced and executed by Surf Pacific’s Production Team. It must be clearly understood by you, the client, that some, or part thereof, of the strategies and tactical actions can only be executed by you and your staff. Some of our campaign packages include in-house training and influence coaching. In these circumstances you the client agree to meet Surf Pacific halfway to achieve these outcomes. If the desired campaign result isn’t achieved due to lack of participation or poor execution by your staff, this remains your responsibility. You and your staff must be cooperative with any strategic or tactical actions put forward by Surf Pacific in order to gain a successful outcome. Surf Pacific cannot be held liable for any activities or works implemented by you or your staff members under our guidance.

All resources provided to Surf Pacific by you or your staff are assumed to be attained legally, this also includes Domain Names. Surf Pacific will not be held liable for any fees or legal costs in regards to illegally obtained or unlicensed resources in any of your marketing collaterals supplied to them, this includes, but is not limited to, images, videos, print advertisements, logos, diagrams, phrases and audio files.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property includes but is not limited to the trademarks, internet property, copyrights, logos, designs, documentation, and any other marketing assets created by Surf Pacific. Surf Pacific retains all ownership of the Intellectual Property while you are under contractual agreement.

Once payment has been made in full for the duration of the agreement, you will own all marketing assets and working files created and produced by Surf Pacific. In the event you wish to cancel the agreement prematurely, the remaining monthly fees must be paid immediately before intellectual property is released to you.

Campaign Payment
Your first monthly payment will commence on the day of signing this agreement. Subsequent monthly payments are to be made on the 17th day of the preceding month and on the 17th day of each month thereafter for the period of the campaign term.

Additional Costs
The expense of any print collateral, pay per click advertising, print, radio or television advertising is the sole responsibility of you the client. It bares absolutely no part of this agreement.

What We’ll Communicate to the Masses On Your Behalf
Having worked globally with many businesses and in particular the medical and dental profession, Surf Pacific is well versed on the subjects surrounding patient confidentiality, governing laws, regulations and guidelines laid down by the powers that be. Obviously, these laws and regulations differ from State to State on both continents therefore close liaison will be made with you, the client, during every step of your campaign so as not to violate any of these regulations and laws. This stated, Surf Pacific cannot be held liable for any form litigation levied against you, the client, and as such we will require a final approval for implementation of your strategies.

Hosting Email & All Online Web Collaterals
With some 20 years’ experience in this field, cheap online hosting of any kind is not a winning way. Surf Pacific host email on a separate server to that of online web collaterals (websites).

All online web collaterals Surf Pacific use the services of: WPEngine: Phone: +44 20 3770 9704 or online at https://wpengine.com/support/

Email is hosted on a dedicated Enterprise Level, Octo Core Server, located in Canada and managed by: Canadian Web Hosting: Phone: +1 604 283 2127 or online at http://www.canadianwebhosting.com/support/contact-us/

Both suppliers have proved to be trouble free and reliable. Within the remit of our Surf Pacific 360 Campaign Agreement clients are welcome to share the services supplied by both vendors on the clear understanding that Surf Pacific Pty Ltd (Australia) or Surf Pacific LLC (U.S.A) will not be held liable for any form of misconfiguration or malfunction, resulting in any form of loss in any shape or form. These services are offered FREE as a courtesy to all Surf Pacific 360 clients. Furthermore, Surf Pacific cannot be held liable for any form of misconfiguration or malfunction of a client’s internal network.

Surf Pacific have the right to add or alter these Terms & Conditions as and when they see fit.

Total Marketing Mastery Terms and Conditions

Money Back Guarantee

Surf Pacific offers a money back guarantee to any attendees who do not believe that the information provided is capable of generating 33% growth from their marketing efforts by changing their marketing strategy after completing the following aspects of Total Marketing Mastery:

  1. Attend in full Session One with active engagement in the session
  2. Completion of the entirety of the Curiosity Conversation at a comprehensive level
  3. Attend and engage in Session Two, implementing the recommendations and guidelines

Technology issues

Surf Pacific will not be held responsible for any connectivity or technology issues faced by the registrant. Technological requirements are stated online and in our information packages. If technology issues do occur please contact us and we will provide you with a recording of session one.

Unavailability to attend

All Total Marketing Mastery registrants must make reasonable effort to be available for both sessions of the program. Surf Pacific will be flexible with session two times however it is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure a period of time is available.

Receipt of email notifications

It is the registrant’s responsibility to ensure they receive and read all relevant email communications. Your Membership Director will have advised that emails with access details will be provided and as such the registrant is required to check their inbox and spam/ junk folders for notifications. If these are not fruitful the registrant must make contact with Surf Pacific to arrange for the details to be delivered another way.

Registration Fees

Surf Pacific holds the right to change the event fee at any time. Surf Pacific will not be required  to provide partial refunds or any financial return if fees are reduced after you make payment. Registrants cannot cancel registrations and re-register for a lower price.

Responsibility for Successful Marketing

Surf Pacific cannot be held responsible for success of your marketing efforts after this session. While all effort will be given to provide you with the education and strategies you need for growth, Surf Pacific will not be responsible for the implementation of such unless stated in a contract for additional services.

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