March 5, 2016

Netflix nails hashtag marketing with dream job on offer

If you haven’t already heard – Netflix has created the ultimate job to go with your millennial lifestyle taking ‘Netflix and chill’ to ‘Netflix and earn’ with their #grammasters3 campaign.

The job on offer? Two weeks all expenses paid overseas holiday in Europe and the Middle East taking Instagram photos at various Netflix film sets. Not impressed yet? They’ll also pay you $2000 per week. All you have to do is #grammasters3 on your top three Instagram photos by March 6. Cue entire generation drafting their resignation letters for their current jobs in their heads.  For the full details visit the competition page here.

The hashtag campaign has already amassed 1,321,091 posts on Instagram and an additional 400,000+ followers to their Instagram account over the past 4 days of the comp. As well as incredible exposure across social media sites and online news sites worldwide. An amazing response to a relatively low-cost initiative on their behalf.

Hashtag marketing has had a bit of a bad rap in the past few years being closely linked the Facebook social justice campaigns that seemingly have come to nothing. While liking or a sharing a post is unlikely to bring down genocide leaders in corrupt African countries, the reach from this marketing campaign is hard to deny.  Through a simple competition, Netflix has the focus and voice of hundreds of news outlets and regular humans unknowingly engaging in a widespread referral marketing operation, with Netflix the ultimate winner. Let’s not forget that the competition prize is the chance to promote Netflix across your Instagram feed while closely associating and identifying Netflix as the source and reason for your amazing holiday snaps. Yeah, Netflix are the real winners here.

While you may not have the resources to send one lucky tagger on an all-expenses-paid overseas trip, Instagram competitions are still an interesting way of increasing your followers and engaging with the ones you already have. Just remember the golden rule of content marketing: make it valuable. Everybody hates scrolling through reposted images offering a free watch or makeup product etc – don’t be that person! Everybody loved reading about their chance to get paid to travel and Instagram. Offer something valuable and your followers will thank you by engaging, sharing and referring willingly.