June 17, 2016

Meet the elite with BrandSnob

Are you a fashion, beauty, fitness or luxury lifestyle brand? Then you need to have downloaded BrandSnob, yesterday.

So, what is BrandSnob?

The BrandSnob app was created as a place where brands can privately message Instagram’s most elite users and their agencies, outside the commotion of busy Instagram accounts. The creators of the BrandSnob app witnessed the rise of influencer marketing and leapt at the opportunity to create not only the most remarkable app for brands and social media influences but the only app worth downloading if you want to project your brand via social media.

You can download BrandSnob here yet the application is currently only available for IOS and is strictly, invite only. This ensures the influencers selected will be of the highest quality and professionalism to take your brand’s social media marketing to the next level.

Whether you’re a brand, an influencer or an agent, BrandSnob has constructed the application with care and precision as they target each division of their consumers. The app is extremely simple to use and works promptly to share your vision online.

Why do I need influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is certainly not a new concept, yet with the exponential growth of social media in recent years, we have noticed brands are able to create buzz with their brands online.

What if I told you, you could essentially hire a subtle, promotional model to promote your brand online? Having them share your content with their thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers at your fingertips? As we already know, people trust people. Your consumers know you love your product and why wouldn’t you? Of course, your social media accounts will showcase the best aspects of your product. Potential consumers, who follow these Instagram elite accounts, most likely look up to these influencers as a type of guru. Whether the influencer is a lover of fashion, fitness, food or simply the finer things, their followers trust their judgement in brands they chose to use themselves.

Collaborating with an influencer to promote your brand is often the most simple, quick and cost-effective way to subtly showcase your business through other social media accounts. More visibility means more conversions. It’s that simple.

BrandSnob Girls

Okay, I’ve downloaded BrandSnob. What now?

Once you have downloaded the application and have opened it, you will have to apply. Once you have submitted your business details, you await your approval code. Once your brand has been accepted to use the application, you can now set up your profile and account. Try and make your profile as professional and aesthetically appealing as possible by adding photos, logos and a brief description of what your brand is all about and what you do.

Once your account is up and running, you will see it works the same way as the notorious dating app Tinder. Tinder showcases other profiles to potential lovers and they either swipe left or right depending whether they love or don’t love the profile they’re seeing. With BrandSnob working in an extremely similar way, this ensures only influencers that are genuinely interested in your brand will come up in your matches on BrandSnob.

Once you have matched with an influencer or agent representative, you communicate through the applications messenger service. This leaves the noise of social media behind and enables you to communicate clearly and easily. You can now negotiate prices and decide on content you wish the influencer to publish. If you are savvy with your analytics, you can set a particular time for the influencer to post on their social media for maximum impact and engagement.

Congratulations, you are now a BrandSnob.