January 7, 2016

Why your marketing team has no idea what they’re doing

How to give your marketing team a brief that boosts results

When it comes to content marketing there is one golden word… and no, it’s not ROI or conversion

This magic word is brief and it has the power to give your content marketing the killer edge to snub your competition. On the other hand, the lack of a brief can produce bland lifeless content that does nothing for your brand image or business goals.

What makes a good brief?

When it comes to completing marketing assets, especially content for your business, the richer the brief the better. However, there is a difference between a marketing brief and a content marketing brief.

Broad Marketing Brief Content Marketing Brief
Where your business is at now Measurable campaign goal
Overall broad business goal Tone of voice and style of imagery
Measureable quarterly business goal Platforms you are currently on
Quarterly budget for non-inbound marketing campaigns (if applicable) Individual campaign budget
Target audience and demographics Specific information on all products offered

How do you turn a broad goal into a measurable goal?

Your marketing team will be able to turn your broad business goals into measurable goals based on your website analytics and your initial brief.

From you (as the business owner) your goals will sound something like this:

  • I want more people to visit my business
  • I wish more people visiting my website would make an enquiry
  • I wish more people that enquired would turn into paying customers

From here, your marketing team will be able to determine exactly what numerical goals can be targeted, such as:

  • Improve conversion rate by 3% within one quarter
  • Improve Google ranking for top 3 keywords onto page 1 within one quarter
  • Improve number of paying customers by 5% within one quarter

And voila! Your broad marketing goals are now defined. Now it’s up to your content marketing team to determine specific campaign goals to be used internally such as:

  • Achieve 5% enquiry rate based on the EDM
  • Receive 20 conversions from the ‘Keyword’ page this quarter
  • Improve content reach by 10% in this quarter

All of these will work towards your broader marketing goal and propel your business in an upward direction.

Why you need to work with your marketing team on a killer brief and clear goals

Before you think about letting your marketing team do their thing without a brief from you, keep in mind the following benefits to a high quality brief:

  • It avoids ‘fluff’ or filler information
  • Differentiates your business from your competition
  • Improves the quality and therefore performance of all content – especially long-form content
  • Content will capture the true essence of your brand
  • Stops your marketing team delivering goals that you never truly wanted in the first place

All in all, your brief is one of the most powerful tools to your marketing team which can help them produce more effective campaigns and hit your goals out of the park.