360 Marketing Strategy. No longer the best kept secret in town

From boosting your cross-channel healthcare marketing efforts, to creating integrated, measurable and effective long term strategies, your dedicated Strategy Director will bring the power of customer and healthcare market knowledge to solve the challenges that face your practice.

Total Marketing Management

It starts here

How to get ten times more impact from your every piece of healthcare marketing we produce?

26,000 new products and services are introduced every year. A corporation fails every 3 minutes. 96% of all companies fail within 10 years. 16% to 30% of consumers change brand loyalty in one evening of watching television commercials. Traditional advertising is virtually dead when it comes to being effective for small businesses.

This is why Surf Pacific invented 360 Marketing. It’s not just defending against these shocking statistics, but we realized there was nothing strategic in the healthcare market. A solution that could help any practice of any size in any situation achieves breakthrough sales and marketing results. Now there is.

360 Marketing turbocharges every core aspect of your primary marketing activities. These include: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Branding & Design, Web Development, Influencer Coaching and Public Relations. 360 Marketing transforms business results and drives profitable growth.

It does all this for much less cost than if a practice owner hired a full-time Marketing Coordinator, or if they used several outside firms. Cost-effective is just the start, 360 Marketing is also ten times more effective, which is only possible through healthcare Marketing Strategy.

How healthcare marketing strategy can change your practice?

Strategic marketing vs. tactical marketing

Over 94% of the marketing you experience is tactical. Focus is never given to strategy. This is an overlooked opportunity by medical firms. Yet, strategic marketing is the ultimate positioning tool because it can differentiate you from all the competition, even in a highly commoditized market, and position your pratice as the expert. For 360 Marketing clients, we create their core story first. Taking a strategic approach makes all marketing 200% to 18,000% more effective in terms of the total leads produced.

Goals, Strategies & Actions

To create world-class marketing we believe the ultimate strategy is first to listen. That’s why all relationships start with a curiosity conversation. This is where your Strategy Director gets to know who you are, what you do, why you do what you do, what’s worked before and what hasn’t. They will work with you to create a goal so compelling, where you say to yourself, “even if we only get half the way there, we’ll be over the moon!”

Relationship with your Strategy Director

Every 360 Marketing client has a trusted one-on-one relationship with a dedicated Strategy Director. This person develops your marketing strategy and manages work quality to save you time. They will do whatever is right for your practice, at any given time, all year round. Clients find them to be a marketing expert, a great listener, an expressive communicator, an influential team leader and your best friend in business.

What the winning strategist does first?

Building a business story that appeals to the broadest audience of potentials

What the business story is designed to do is engage all types of buyers on why they should use you. It isn’t about glossing your practice up, it’s about coming up with a unique selling proposition that very clearly differentiates you in the hearts and minds of all potentials and clients. Think of it like this, as a stadium pitch…

Imagine that we could put you on stage in a giant stadium where the entire audience is composed of 1,000 prospects, giving you the opportunity to present to all of them at once. What would you say? This is where the business story comes in.

Then to complicate matters further, the audience is told: “You had to come here, but you don’t have to stay. If this person [meaning – you] talks about something that is of no interest, you can simply get up and leave. If you walk out there and announce, “Hi my name is Bob and I’m a Dentist” and 90% get up and leave, that would be a nightmare.

The purpose of building a business story is that we appeal to the widest possible audience, not just the 3% of consumers who have decided to buy what you sell but just haven’t decided who to buy from. Once this is developed for our clients, they find their marketing to be more effective than they ever could imagine possible.

See Every Touchpoint

Empower your medical firm with our integrative marketing technologies, gaining a list of every interaction between a contact and your company. Emails, website visits, social mentions, webinars, video views and more – all in one place.

3 Examples of Killer Strategies

Self-funded growth strategy

How can an entrepreneurial company compete with a large established company that has very deep pockets? Without a strategy, the answer is it’s…impossible. Developing a self-funded growth strategy is a way for any challenger company to open up new revenue streams that can finance big brand advertising, national or international rollouts and flagships events.

Automatic customers

Do you know what type of business sells for the highest multiple of profit? Subscription-business where the customer transactions are debited automatically. Surf Pacific’s automatic customers technique is a proven way for business leaders to transform their core business into a subscription results model. This can add at least 50% to your bottom line profits within the first six months.

Think like a publisher, not a marketer

Customers are beginning to understand that their true value to companies goes well beyond their wallets. This is why your online content is king and your personal brand is a winning strategy. We can help you strategically embrace your DNA to consistently deliver content that resonates with your audience, who are looking, all the time.

Our emails and enquiries are always dealt with very promptly and precisely, like “good old fashioned service”.

Our social media has also been given a real boost by the Surf Pacific experts.

Dr Jane Paterson

Leading Plastic Surgeon, Melbourne