April 14, 2016

Love in aisle three or a social media gimmick?

It all began on Monday the 11th of April at 7:38 pm at the Woolworths Q Super Centre. Brok Neilsen perused his usual spot of grocery shopping at his local supermarket but this time, he claims he found love.

Brok Neilsen allegedly saw the brunette from behind as she shopped for mushrooms in the vegetable section.

#HopeForBrok Brok immediately told his friend he was shocked by her beauty and his friend, Blake, instantly captured the image before the woman had walked away. Usually, one would look for the woman in the grocery store and strike up a conversation but in this generation, we know it’s not official until it’s on social media. Brok and his friend posted the image to the Woolworths official Facebook page in this post. The image went viral after Woolworth’s pun-filled response to Brok’s “chicken like” behaviour.

The original post already has over 35 thousand likes, 4.1 thousand comments and 4.2 thousand shares of people hoping to find this mysterious brunette. According to Channel 9 News, approximately 40 girls have already come forward claiming to be the woman in the photo. The men have started an entire social media campaign for the search, but is it all just for love? Has Prince Charming fallen off the wagon to use this method in finding his Cinderella?


The mysterious brunette everyone is looking for has kept herself in hiding as she is quite reserved but we have a source that has confirmed her as a match. For now, she remains anonymous, but we have some of the answers that a lot of you are itching for.

– First of all, are you single?
Yes, I am single.

– Did you know it was you?
Yes straight away, I looked up his profile after I saw the post and I remembered seeing him in Woolworths.

– How did you find the post?
Friends tagging friends, it came up in my news feed. It was hard to ignore after Tuesday.

– What did you think when you first saw the photo?
I was shocked. Speechless as well, I didn’t know what to say. By that point, it already had so much attention.

– What do you think about the attention now?
I’m quite an introverted person, so I’m unsure about whether to come public.

– Do you think it’s romantic?
I think it’s a good laugh, but I don’t take it seriously – props to Blake for having a sense of humour. I wouldn’t say it’s romantic, though.

– Do you think it’s a marketing ploy or love?
My best friend spoke to him to confirm that it was me, she did say he wasn’t at all creepy. He does seem like a genuine, nice guy.

– Are you going to say yes?
I haven’t quite thought about it. The attention and pressure are a bit too much, but maybe if it were under normal circumstances, I’d say yes.


We will have to wait and see what happens for the mysterious brunette and Brok but to keep up with the story you can search the #HopeForBrok as the boys are keeping the public updated. This situation goes to show how easily anything can go viral once you post it on social media. What Brok and Blake thought was an innocent post onto Woolworths’ page has blown up and gone completely viral in just a few days.

Facebook and social media is a simple way to do this and create any movement – whether it is in your local community, city or, in this case, nationwide.