February 9, 2016

Is email marketing really dead?

Have you recently scrolled through your over-crowded email inbox with frustration? Cursed at a website pop-up for requesting your email address one too many times?

You’re not alone.

It’s easy to jump on the ‘email is dead’ bandwagon, especially when industry experts drill down on the negatives of email marketing and glorify the alternatives. It’s even easier to jump to conclusions when your own successive email marketing campaigns have failed you miserably.

Has social media threatened the dominance of email? Yes. Are high percentage click-through rates and conversions harder to achieve? Most definitely.

But is email marketing really dead? No. Email marketing is not dead, it never was dead, and it won’t be dying anytime soon.

Regardless of your industry, or the product or service you are trying to sell, an email marketing campaign that is properly planned and correctly executed will boost your ROI as well as any marketing strategy.

Let’s look at a couple of reasons for you to focus some attention toward email marketing in 2016

Email builds one-on-one relationships

The argument of email marketing’s death is almost always supported by the rise of social media. It’s true, social media has certainly detracted some value from email marketing. But the two are polar opposite in function.

Social media is, by definition, social. Email, on the other hand, is designed to be private and personal. Mr Zuckerberg could well be coming up with a way to add personalized, email-like function to Facebook, but until that time comes, email won’t be going anywhere.

Your customers actually prefer email

Over the past six or seven years, personal communication via email has experienced a steady decline. It’s safe to say this trend is due in large to the rapid growth of personal messaging through text and social media. This brings us back to the social versus personalized communication debate.

While the masses have moved away from email toward online social interaction, they still prefer business and consumer related affairs to take place via email. Your customers want product related information through email, not just tweets or social posts.

And a couple of tips to help you crush your next email marketing campaign

Start building, and continue to build, your email database organically. Now!

A lot of business owners will argue against the value of building organic email lists. ‘Why should I waste my time building an email database when I can just buy a list online?’ Without going into too much detail, building your list organically will help you create a genuine, online community of followers.

On top of this, purchased lists tend to harvest terrible results, and high spam rates.

There are so many ways you can start building your database organically. Asking existing customers or clients in person, subscription through giving away great, free and relevant content, and newsletter subscription pop-ups on your website are all great places to start.

Adapt to changing technologies and consumption trends

Is your email template responsive?

This is extremely important. More and more users are now opening emails on their smartphones. If your newsletter templates aren’t responsive, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Are you adding video content to your email?

Video is becoming an extremely valuable marketing resource. It’s a way for you to capture your audience’s attention and provide more value to your marketing material. Adding video content to your newsletter also dramatically increases click-through, open and conversion rates.

How does your business employ effective email marketing to connect with your audience? If you’re not planning on using email marketing in 2016, we’d love to have a chat to convince you otherwise. Let’s start the conversation.