Influencer Coaching. Marketing is influence

Marketing is influence. 360 Marketing was designed to influence breakthrough results and drive profitable growth for healthcare businesses, of any size, in any situation. It is useful for healthcare leaders to know that Surf Pacific’s goal is simple: add more value to the lives of our clients than anyone else in the market is capable of adding.

Total Marketing Management

It Starts Here

What is influencer coaching?

This is why influencer coaching was introduced. We recognized after 3-years of achieving dominant results and exceptional marketing for over 93% of our clients, the most-needed and most overlooked area of marketing was sales.

Think of a salesperson, who comes to mind? Is it positive or negative? Yet companies who give sales the attention and quality it deserves, stay in business.

Sales – or ‘influence’ as we say – is a subsection of marketing. Marketing is anything that can bring new patients through the doors. When your people start saying the right things, at the right time, to the right prospects, in a highly effective, learned and systemized way, your results will quite literally explode.

What level of results can I expect?

Influencer coaching is the newest tenant of 360 Marketing, having been added in 2015. It is currently only available to 360 Marketing Performance and Enterprise clients. The Gray brothers, all of whom lead Surf Pacific – Gregory, James, Charlie and Edward – handle all influencer coaching engagements with clients.

The strategic purpose of influencer coaching is to dramatically increase the conversion rate of any healthcare business, using the people inside the practice. In other words, if a practice is closing 1 inbound lead out of 10. They have a 1:10 conversion rate.

A goal might then be to coach the staff of that business on how to better influence leads and close more sales, raising the conversion rate to 2:10, (2 sales from every 10 inbound leads) in a relatively short span of time. When this goal is achieved, you’ve just doubled your top-line revenue and in most cases more than doubled your bottom-line profits. This example is conservative, for most clients an influencer coach can double virtually any businesses current conversion rates!

Develop a #headinthegame culture

The primary goal of influencer coaching is to raise the sales standards of the men and women within our client’s practice. Influencer coaching always starts with the owner or practice manager.

Once this coaching is underway, we focus our energies on the front-line employees. Those who encounter frequent sales opportunities, interface with existing patients and handle inbound phone or web enquiries. The last step is everyone else, even those who don’t directly deal with your patients. This is essential as it aligns the influence culture of our client’s practice to become full circle. We call this a #headinthegame culture.

Be warned though, influencer coaching doesn’t merely motivate employees. It engages each of them to think about the success of your practice like a practice manager, take daily action toward this and get rewarded for a new level of result. When this happens, ‘weekends’, ‘holidays’ and ‘sick days’ cease to be the driver of employee excitement, ‘kicking ass and taking names!’ takes its place.

The 3 types of Influencer Coaching

1-to-1 coaching

One-to-one influence is the most potent form of marketing ever created! It is the opportunity to spend time with your customer. To listen and understand his or her needs. To demonstrate empathy and build rapport. To create desire in what you have to offer. To overcome objections. To correctly follow-up. And to walk a person through a due-diligence process up to the point of sale. Most sales and marketing efforts only gives attention to the 3% who’ve already made the decision to buy. Influencer coaching addresses the entire 100% and shows people how to segment with the type of prospect effectively.

1-to-MANY coaching

One-to-many coaching is for practices where there is no upper limit of the potential patients they could be taking. After we have our 1-to-1 systems firing on all twelve cylinders we look to moving the sales process to a 1-to-MANY model. This leverages the sales capability, time and resourcefulness of the most effective communicator within a practice. This is usually the practice manager, who generally happens to be the most time-poor person within the organisation. 1-to-MANY multiplies the sales opportunities for any practice. This means hosting regular information evenings for prospects, presenting at events and educating prospects at large speaking engagements. Press junkets, television appearances and fundraiser speeches can also play a role in 1-to-MANY influencer coaching.

Online video

One of the most effective and easy-to-deliver types of online videos to produce, with consistency, for businesses, are the Q&A format that we see on television all the time. Even for people who are typically camera-shy, this format is less confronting than a straight-to-camera style. These videos can be used on your website and other digital properties. They can also be syndicated to all other forms of social media and media channels. We can even create DVD’s that can be handed out instead of brochures and have a much higher impact. By having your influencer coach present on the filming day, usually in the role of interviewer, your on-camera performance will improve, resulting in an increase in the video results by at least 300%!

Influencer Coaching Session Details

Depending on your staff levels and size, coaching takes place at Surf Pacific’s head offices in Queensland. Saturday and Sunday sessions can be accommodated for if necessary. Our Strategy Coordinator can make arrangements for flights, cars, hotels and any other travel requirements to Queensland’s Gold Coast. Regular coaching workshops and refreshers to ensure all team members stay on track are carried out on a regular basis via phone conference or Skype.

Our emails and enquiries are always dealt with very promptly and precisely, like “good old fashioned service”.

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Dr Jane Paterson

Leading Plastic Surgeon, Melbourne