Getting Started Guide

Surf Pacific are Profit Growth Specialists. This encompasses business strategy, on and offline tactical marketing and influence coaching. The company has offices in the United States of America and Australia with 35 + full time staff. Its team consists of senior partners, strategy directors, influence coaches, digital advertising specialists, tactical marketers, PR officers, copywriters, content marketers, graphic designers / web designers, developers, search engine optimisation specialists and videographers.

Over the next 12 to 24 month period of this agreement being signed off, it is Surf Pacific’s personal mission to increase the bottom line of your business. It must be understood that you and your staff fully agree to meet Surf Pacific halfway on their endeavour when implementing some of the aforesaid strategies and tactics articulated herein. This may mean providing specific conversion data and business data or actioning strategy specific requests within a timely manner.

An introduction to 360 Marketing

An introduction to 360 Marketing 360 Marketing calibrates your business to run like a finely tuned sales and marketing machine by being strategic rather than tactical. Our Strategy and Production teams combine years of marketing knowledge and experience to achieve results that are unattainable using other agencies. Acknowledging that there are hundreds of marketing strategies available to businesses, we have identified the twelve (12) underlying strategies of all successful marketing campaigns. These make up the principal strategies of 360 Marketing and map out the path to success for your business. During your 360 Marketing membership, our team implements any deliverables necessary to achieve results for your business in alignment with the 12 strategies and the resulting goals. This means that no two months are the same and no two strategies are the same. Everything implemented as part of a 360 Marketing campaign is planned, specific, measurable and defined. Time is not spent on nice-to-haves, we don’t suggest expenses or tactics just because it’s what a competitor is doing, and we don’t haphazardly flit around with a never ending chasm of empty ideas.


Depending on the level of membership you select, we will implement the tactics necessary to achieve results for the correlating number of strategies. We don’t make all strategies available to all levels of 360 Marketing as not all businesses are ready for the more advanced strategies, even though they may believe they are. Our 360 Marketing package options grow as your business grows. Based on consultations with your Membership Director we will assess and recommend the best package for your businesses current stage and the best strategies available at that level. This ensures that our team spend time on what will truly provide the best ROI for your business.

What are the strategies?

The 360 Marketing strategies are split into two sectors; Maximisation and growth. During Maximisation strategies we get the best result from your existing resources and budget. It’s about making what you already have perform so well that the returns fund future growth strategies. This is where we turn your business into a sales and marketing machine. Growth, which is best utilised for businesses with larger marketing budgets, combines these maximised assets with strategies that extract the most value out of the new potential for your business. This is all about building upon your excellent business and customer generation strategies to expand to a position unreachable by your competitors.


Maximise everything you’ve already got in pursuit of self-funded growth. Turbocharge every aspect of your primary marketing activities.

  • Your Business Narrative (Mandatory for all clients)
    Reach the widest audience possible by setting the buying criteria and positioning yourself as the only company to meet this criteria
  • Attraction
    Attract ten-times more impact out of every effective lead generation activity
  • Reputation Management
    Leverage the customers that love you and build a tribe of supporters broadcasting your services
  • Formal Referral Systems
    Develop formal referral systems to continuously fuel your business with a much more enjoyable class of person
  • Engagement
    Become your own media to earn inbound lifetime clients (while your competitors struggle to find customers with out-dated outbound efforts)
  • Risk Reversal
    Eliminate the risk that exists in every transaction that potentially prevents a prospect from doing business with you
  • Transaction Frequency
    Effective strategies turn customers into lifetime clients who buy from you again. and again. and again

Growth Strategies

Extract the most value out of the new potential for the business leader,

  • Create Opportunities
    Leverage your marketing to license, franchise or create turn-key opportunities and be rewarded handsomely in the process
  • Automatic Customers
    Boost the average per-client spend with a subscription-model profit centre
  • Top of Mind Advertising
    Create a leadership position with advertising that works as barrier-to-entry against your competition advertising that competitors can’t afford
  • Your Partnership Network
    Utilising the customers, resources, overhead of others within your brand universe to create a global army of partners and affiliates
  • Stadium Model
    Drive sales growth without hiring salespeople or consultants, and become regarded as the authority within your line of business
  • Risk Reversal
    Eliminate the risk that exists in every transaction that potentially prevents a prospect from doing business with you

Getting started is simple

Once you have selected the best membership and strategies for your business we take a simple, structured and purposeful approach to kick starting your business’s growth. Below you will find a simple explanation of what to expect when you become a member of 360 Marketing.

Step 1

The following working day after you have signed off on your Surf Pacific 360 Campaign Agreement, a dedicated Strategy Director will call you to formally introduce themselves to you. They will confirm your personal email address and request your personal cell / mobile phone number. At this point they will email you a link for our online ‘Curiosity Conversation’. This allows for an in-depth review of your business and has been formulated to identify the choke holds and impact points within your business. It should not take you any more than 40 to 50 minutes to complete expeditiously. Then just hit the ‘Send’ button.

Step 2

On receipt of the completed Curiosity Conversation our team will begin to identify impact points for immediate and future attention. The information provided in the Curiosity Conversation and phone conversations with your Strategy Director will then be utilised to develop a Business Narrative for your campaign. This Business Narrative works to highlight and position your business within the industry as an expert while also broadening the marketable reach of your business.

Step 3

The Curiosity Conversation, phone briefs, Business Narrative and selections made on signup will then be assessed by our Business Analyst team who will develop an Annual Campaign Roadmap. This will include general indications of the planned deliverables for the upcoming year. This will not include specific details or timeframes and will instead be used as the base direction for your campaign.

Step 4

Each quarter a detailed plan will be provided by your Strategy Director. This will indicate the deliverables in relation to your Annual Campaign Roadmap. This quarterly plan will be based upon the results of the quarter prior and any recommendations from our team in an effort to deliver the best possible results for your business. You will subsequently then receive deliverables for approval and related reports as your campaign progresses.