Have Facebook advertisements replaced radio advertisements? | Surf Pacific
May 23, 2016

Have Facebook advertisements replaced radio advertisements?

Radio advertising was once paramount in local advertising. These days, though, Facebook ads are cheaper, more accessible and personalised. Has your small business started using Facebook Ads yet? Here are 5 reasons why you should!

Small local businesses have usually relied on radio advertising to reach potential consumers who may not already have heard of their brand or business. More recently, Facebook has devised its own ads which have opened up a window of opportunities for small and large businesses. Facebook has created these ads to be completely customizable; you can target exactly who you want and when. Almost everyone, young and old, is using Facebook while on their mobile which means almost every target market can be found while they’re on-the-go.

1)     Customize them to suit you

Unlike radio advertising which relies on your consumer to not only remember your advertisement but to make the call on their own, Facebook advertising has pictures, text and can even have a call to action bringing your consumer closer to the point of purchase than ever before. You can create your ad with an image and text of your choice – complying listwith the standard guidelines of course. Whether you want more people on your website, more Facebook likes, boost particular posts (great for specials offers or sales) or something else, Facebook ads have an option for your business to make the most out of your money.

2)     Target exactly who you want

Think about your target market. Imagine if you could specifically target those people, down to their area, age, gender and even their interests. Radio ads solely rely on possible consumers to not only have the radio on during the time chosen to run your ad but for them to be listening at that particular time. With Facebook ads, your consumers can read over your ad multiple times ensuring they have the information correctly and even take a screenshot to save the information your ad provided them with. Facebook will also automatically show consumers which of their friends who have liked your page which assists you in gaining trust in possible consumers. People buy from people they trust.

3)     It continues to run until your chosen maximum is reached

Say you spend $1 a day on your Facebook ads, this means your post will reach an estimated 4,000 people before your advertisement is closed. Set your budget, set up your posts and once they’re approved, Facebook does all the work until your ad reaches the desired amount of people. Your organic reach is not included in this to ensure you gain the most out of your money.

4)     See it working in real time

To see your ad working to its potential, all you have to do is log into your Facebook admin page, view the post you boosted and watch the views roll in. Considering you have customized your post to reach a particular target market, this means the people viewing your post are most likely to click the call to action and actually make a purchase.

5)     It’s cheaper!

Every business, most importantly start-up or local ones. should be watching where they are spending their money. Facebook ads start from $1 a day, which is affordable for any business. $30 a month on advertising which you can customize to reach thousands of people from your exact target market with images, text and a call to action that you select is remarkable value for money.

Approach this movement with the utmost knowledge to ensure you’re making the most out of your money and creating more traction within your business and your advertising.

Whether you’re starting up a business or have an established business but want to draw more attention and conversions to your Facebook, website or a particular sale – Facebook ads are the radio ads of the future.