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360 Design and Medical Branding

At Surf Pacific, we will work with you toward creating a brand strategy that will elevate your position within the healthcare marketplace, helping win over new patients, all the while retaining the patients you want to keep.

See why we're the leaders in healthcare marketing.

It Starts Here

Standing out is the aim when fitting in is the game.

It takes less than 10 seconds for a viewer to decide if they will stay on your website or not. That's all the time you have to leave a lasting impression on a potential patient, and if you're in a competitive industry many won't even stay that long.

Design and branding (whether online or offline) isn't about selecting pretty colors and fonts or changing your website layout every six months. Effective design and branding follows a differentiation strategy.

Your practice needs to stand out from your competition without becoming obscure or inappropriate. The colors, fonts, imagery and media incorporated needs to be memorable, yet in line with your business narrative. You need to be up-to-date and ahead of your competitors without being ‘space age’ and beyond the realm of familiarity of your patients.

Great design is developed with purpose, vision and values. Effectiveness of attraction, emotion, messages, calls to action and memorability are the key to successful design. Only a brand and design strategy with emotive slogans and bylines, a defined language, and universal application will generate visual success. After all, vision is the strongest sense.

Acclaimed Design

Our internationally acclaimed design team includes designers from all corners of the globe. At Surf Pacific, our design team truly means business.

How can a brand strategy benefit your business?

Top of Mind visual presence

A strong brand applied universally generates a Top of Mind presence for your practice. Think of any brand, what do you see? Products, people, storefronts… It's more likely you visualize logos, colors, fonts and imagery. A brand strategy properly applied across your online, print and storefront collateral will assist the development of a Top of Mind visual presence.

Established quality

The best branding oozes quality. Applying that same quality to all of your materials results in an established recognition within your patients. Establishing this quality in your branding reiterates the quality of your service and product, strengthening patient relationships and retention.

Patients become open to direct marketing

As your patients become accustomed to your brand they are actively aware that anything generated by your practice contains quality visuals and messages. This consistency opens your patients up to communication in more formats including email marketing and direct mail outs. The best campaigns harness your established design and passive communication for explosive results.

Our emails and enquiries are always dealt with very promptly and precisely, like “good old fashioned service”.

Our social media has also been given a real boost by the Surf Pacific experts.

Dr Jane Paterson

Leading Plastic Surgeon, Melbourne