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Selling products and services isn’t a waste of your time, selling them the same way as everyone else - that’s a waste.

This is 360 Marketing.

It Starts Here

Content Marketing 2.0 is how you can get 200-18,000% better results from each marketing campaign without doing any extra work

The average person consumes 5,000 messages per day. With such an incredibly overstimulated market, brand recall of these messages has decreased from 21% to 8%! The scary part? 99% of the 5,000 messages have no lasting impact.

98.7% of businesses spend every advertising second pushing their products and services. In fact, you, right now, are pushing a product or service. You might not be having a conversation with a potential patient, but, while reading this content, your brochure, website, email newsletters, storefront signage, social media accounts, direct mailouts and even your PR campaign are all pushing your product or service.

What’s wrong with pushing products or services? 98.7% of businesses are doing it. Each expecting a wave of clients to come running to the door. Now, that’s ok if you’re the only business offering your product and it’s something as essential as water (and there are no ‘close second’ alternate products). But when you are selling a product that other providers sell a variation of, in the same way other businesses advertise, you’re wasting your time.

This is where Content Marketing 2.0 comes in. Not only do you get the benefits of well-written client communication and Google stability, but you ensure that only the best strategies are used to attract your potential patients. Then, once you have their attention, they aren’t left to fall by the wayside, in fact, they keep coming back for more, until they make a purchase (and beyond).

How can Content Marketing 2.0 change your business?

Content Marketing (2.0) vs. Content Creation

Over 94% of the marketing you experience is tactical. Focus is sparsely given to strategy, resulting in a flood of ignored messages for the consumer. Strategic Content Marketing is the ultimate positioning tool because it can differentiate you from the competition, even in a highly commoditized market. It positions your practice as the expert. For 360 Marketing clients, we create their business narrative first. Then, we utilize this in each piece of content marketing created. Taking this strategic approach makes all marketing 200% to 18,000% more effective in terms of the total leads produced.

You stop wasting everything striving for the impossible

Your practice, right now, is channeling time, money and effort into generating messages that have a 98.7% chance of never connecting to a potential patient. You need to combine the golden criteria (cheapest provider, with the best quality, available the soonest, in the most convenient manner) with a message so captivating people view it in its entirety. Then these people need to understand the benefits and get in contact with your team (who emanate the same message). Without this perfect four-part combination, you’re wasting it all.

You finally reel in the big fish

Think of your potential patients as a very large fish. Content creation is like a child's toy fishing rod. You might hook the fish, but you don’t have the right equipment to reel it in. Content Marketing 2.0 ensures that you are re-hooking your potential patients after each point of contact - with a stronger and stronger rod. Even the hardest of patients to get through the door will stay in receipt of quality educational content from your practice because it’s just too good to ignore.

Manage your content

Content marketing is the art of creating exceptionally valuable pieces of information – blog posts, videos, case studies, articles and offers – that speak to your target audience. Marketing is influence. Influence your marketing all year round, with 360.

What is the big change in Content Marketing 2.0? Marketing that turns each no into a yes, time and time again.

3% of people are in the market for your product at any given time. 6-7% would be open to it with a little cajoling. Another 90% aren’t thinking about or wouldn’t consider it. Creating your business narrative combines the 90% with the 7%. The result? A very large audience willing to consider your message - if it’s strong enough.

Content Marketing essentials ensure that your business narrative is seen via Google, social media, newsletters, PR and print advertising. Content Marketing 2.0 ensures that once people embrace your business narrative they are hooked, until they make a purchase (and beyond).

Content Marketing 2.0 means that for each piece of content there is a part two. Whether it be an article, PDF, email series, video, webinar or information session, the part two is designed to keep your ‘potential’ interested until they become a patient. Each ‘opt-in’ along the path is the same as the potential saying yes. Then, when they face the purchasing decision it’s only natural to continue the pattern.

Content Marketing 2.0 appeals to everyone in the purchasing cycle. Those in the awareness and research phases are attracted to the wealth of information. Those looking to compare can see quality and expertise in the resources you are providing. Those ready to purchase can skip through the opt-ins, in the knowledge that you are the best provider. Those in retention are reminded time and time again why you are the best.

Integrated Solutions

Most websites use content as stand-alone marketing tools. Surf Pacific utilize a comprehensive range of content based solutions aimed at turning your isolated efforts into a major marketing channel.

Email newsletter opt-ins as viewers go to leave your site

You’ve attracted a potential to your website but for some reason, they are about to leave. Without making an enquiry. Content Marketing 2.0 uses technology to track as the user moves their cursor towards the close button and offers the option for them to stay updated with your newsletter. This often includes a special resource or offer they will receive in exchange. Win-Win. They get to see more about you, you get their contact details to keep them as an active lead.

Service or Product Specific eGuides

With the rise of smartphones came an increase in spur of the moment research on Google. The problem with spur of the moment research is that the viewer often doesn’t have the immediate time to read your message. Including a service or product specific eGuide (behind an email address request) provides viewers with the information in an easy to return to format. They just fill in their details and can come back to it later. Bonus: You provide more information encouraging the sale and they say another yes.

VIP client evenings

How often do you make your clients feel loved? Inviting frequently active patients to a VIP evening is a double edged sword. You provide them with information in a setting more engaging than any blog article and after a successful evening attendees can’t wait to share the story with their friends and family. A well-executed VIP evening is a content marketing strategy, reputation management strategy and public relations strategy all in one.

Our emails and enquiries are always dealt with very promptly and precisely, like “good old fashioned service”.

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Dr Jane Paterson

Leading Plastic Surgeon, Melbourne