New students, great reputation

Not all courses are created equally, as is the case with this premier level course, who was sullied by an inferior provider, consequently deterring students, leaving few leads for our client.

A targeted, precision approach combined with a quality course, rejuvenated the leads funnel to get this RTO on track for their first quarter goals. Surf Pacific generated an influx of quality leads while spending 60% of the low cost-per-click budget.


33%budget decrease


About SP RTO

SP RTO* is a credible technology-based training organisation in Brisbane, Australia.


SP RTO* is an established and credible technology-based training organization. Providing high-quality in-person and online courses to both international and local students, SP RTO thrives on its interactions with students and its unique approach to learning.

A key domestic course had recently been popular throughout the industry, however, lack of training, support, and commitment from other providers led many potential students to query the quality of the course among all providers.

This negative reputation has left SP RTO seeking renewed trust in the course and the RTO as the best provider of this course. Student numbers were diminishing though those students in attendance held it in high regard.

The client contracted Surf Pacific on the Competitive Solution of 360 Marketing, allowing 20 hours per month towards their online marketing campaign.

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