Brand awareness + Conversions

Surf Pacific took a unique approach to generating close to 70 converting leads for an Orthodontic brand that did not exist prior to starting the 360 Marketing campaign.

6,000+unique views


About SP Orthodontics

SP Orthodontics is a new brand for an established, reputable Orthodontic practice in Sydney, Australia.


Already the partners of an industry recognized, successful and established Orthodontic practice, the Orthodontists behind SP Orthodontics* noticed a gap in the marketplace.

SP Orthodontics had an already established Orthodontic practice catering to all patients, with a strong focus on the health benefits of orthodontic treatments. The partners of SP Orthodontics noticed a distinct trend towards requests for discrete, modern treatments that ‘hid’ the fact patients were undergoing treatment.

This trend led them to the idea of creating a new marketing entity to reach this aesthetically driven target audience, without diminishing the strength and reputation of the traditional side of the business.

SP Orthodontics contracted Surf Pacific on the Competitive level of 360 Marketing to develop this marketing entity, its branding, online marketing and integration into the existing business.

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