Right Subject + Right Time = Immediate Bookings

How Surf Pacific generated over 65 immediate patient enquiries from one email newsletter without discounting prices or undercutting the competition.

A special offer or discount is not always the best way to generate interest from an email marketing campaign. Surf Pacific harnessed a targeted approach to educate patients on the government funding available to them to generate an immediate influx in patient enquiries and appointments.


55.43%open rate

65immediate bookings

About SP Dental

SP Dental are a family dental practice providing a wide range of premium dental treatments.


SP Dental* is a well-established dentist in a competitive area on the Gold Coast. They boast a modern, savvy dental practice and a team of experienced, friendly dental professionals with a twist.

SP Dental offer an exclusive and award-winning approach to dentistry; patients can have their treatments conducted by a ‘tooth-fairy’.

Due to the socio-economic makeup of its surrounding suburbs, SP Dental has not always benefited from high-cost treatments or cosmetic based offers, and as such standard online marketing approaches were not generating the best ROI.

Wanting to make the most of their great services, USP and reputation, SP Dental sought a campaign that would generate new or repeat patient visits without having to discount their treatments.

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