Enhanced marketing for a new client base

How Surf Pacific transformed a residential locksmith into a city-wide corporate locksmith and generated over $30,000 from one client lead.

Through sophisticated and targeted online marketing efforts Surf Pacific generated new leads for this financially unstable business, creating unlimited upside potential. No longer reliant on emergency services and the misfortune of others, Shain’s Local Locksmith is abundant in preventive corporate contracts.

$30,000single lead

100xlead value

About Shain’s Local Locksmith

Shain's Local Locksmith is a premier locksmithing service for residential, commercial and corporate clients. Shain provides a personal service for his clients.

Locksmith Brisbane


Shain’s Local Locksmith was introduced to Surf Pacific as a small business in its infancy stage of the business life-cycle. Providing locksmith services to the Brisbane and Ipswich region, Shain’s Local Locksmith was reliant on word-of-mouth referrals and emergency lockout phonebook leads.

Shain held a basic understanding of the requirements of a modern business and as such had a single, half page ‘splash site’ online showing his phone number. However, with such little content and information regarding the products or services on for, the SLL website held no google rankings and operated as a business card – generating leads only from those already aware of Shain’s services.

Shain sought an expansion of client bookings and a stream of ongoing income that was not possible from his existing consumer group. He contracted Surf Pacific on the Effective 360 Marketing package with the intent on taking the advice of the marketing team to achieve his goals.

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