Renewing a marketing strategy for online success

How a successful, yet struggling female surgeon gained 125 new patients in a 6 month period through the implementation of a renewed online marketing strategy.

Through the utilization of a proactive approach to online marketing, Surf Pacific transformed a failing online marketing strategy into a fast growing, lead generating source for one of Australia’s prestigious female surgeons.

Margaret Anderson’s success story is just one example that demonstrates the importance of adapting your website marketing strategy to the ever-changing online landscape.

15%traffic increase

125patient leads

17%lead increase

About Margaret Anderson

Dr Margaret Anderson is a female surgeon with over 25 years of experience.


Dr Margaret Anderson is a Female Plastic Surgeon in Adelaide, SA. With over 25 years of experience, Dr Margaret Anderson has an established reputation and organic client base.

Previous efforts to develop an online profile meant that Dr Margaret Anderson had multiple satellite sites to her main website. These satellite websites were crafted with keyword domains in an effort to ‘blanket’ search engine results for her treatments; a practice typical of Search Engine Optimization at the time.

The practice of developing multiple niche websites was discredited by a Google Algorithm update and in turn, those businesses with such sites began to be penalized, resulting in poor Google rankings rather than the intended.

Suffering from penalized search results and a lack of new patient enquiries, Dr Margaret Anderson contracted Surf Pacific on the Effective 360 Marketing package.

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