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How a Perth based plastic surgeon utilized all 360 Marketing tenants to build additional brands and drive over 3,300 online patient enquiries.

Through the utilization of all aspects of 360 Marketing, Surf Pacific has generated thousands of new patient enquiries for a recently founded, yet prominent plastic surgery practice, allowing expeditious business growth.


9360 tenants

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About Dr Anh Nguyen

Dr Anh Nguyen is one of Australia's leading female plastic surgeons.

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Dr Anh Nguyen approached Surf Pacific as a female plastic surgeon, situated in the CBD of Perth, who was looking to break out of a surgical practice and into her own business.

While Dr Anh already possessed a strong personal reputation with her previous patients, she held limited public awareness in what is a heavily stigmatized profession.

Starting out on her own, Dr Anh had dreams of offering patients an opportunity to look and feel good about themselves, rather than simply providing a list of treatments. Dr Anh had her sights set on providing a range of services that made women proud of their appearance in a way they had never been before. For Dr Anh it’s about providing a lifestyle change not a ‘rectifying’ treatment.

Dr Anh first contracted Surf Pacific on the Performance Solution of 360 Marketing, looking to develop not only a brand identity, but a comprehensive marketing strategy. Dr Anh has since upgraded to the Enterprise Solution to meet the growing demands of her exuberant business.

Comprehensive strategy meetings between Dr Anh and the Surf Pacific team allowed further insight into the desires Dr Anh had for her business.

Any work to be completed by Surf Pacific had to keep one thing in mind: Dr Anh is unique.

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