Revolutionary Approach + world class implementation = stellar results

How a Perth based plastic surgeon generated a 300% increase in average client spend by spending $0, without providing outrageous discounts or neglecting quality.

It is suffice to say that every surgeon within the cosmetic surgery industry seeks repeat business. Through the development of a truly unique community, Surf Pacific and Dr Anh Nguyen have generated repeat visitation numbers that were once thought to be unachievable.

A unique approach toward creating customer value has enabled Surf Pacific to triple patient spend without spending an extra dollar on advertising or decreasing the prices of treatment options.

300%client spend increase


About Dr Anh Nguyen

Dr Anh Nguyen is one of Australia's leading female plastic surgeons.


Dr Anh Nguyen is at the top of her pyramid in terms of surgical expertise. She is one of a limited group of female plastic surgeons, which makes her business in itself, very unique.

One small factor about Dr Anh’s business (which is coming up to its one year anniversary) is that she made the decision to be where no other plastic surgeons are; in the CBD of Perth. Moreover, Dr Anh didn’t want to run your average plastic surgery clinic, but rather, a true luxury brand.

Dr Anh wanted to create a brand that essentially lived by ‘the art of living well’. Not content with covering the gamut of cosmetic surgical procedures such as Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tucks and so forth, Dr Anh also offers non-surgical procedures that her nurses are able to coordinate, such as Botox, IPL, Thermage and Fraxel. All this not being enough, Dr Anh also offers a third dimension to her business; Wellness.

Wellness isn’t just designed for women, but rather, couples and groups of friends who can use her body boost beds, receive a massage, and simply relax after a busy day at work; be it in the mines or in Perth’s CBD.

In the first year, the aim was to generate ROI on expenditures Dr Anh had incurred as a result of the start-up costs associated with the creation of her business. As a result, the Dr Anh brand can be seen throughout Australia.

In terms of Search Engine Optimization, no single plastic surgeon ranks higher than Anh Nguyen in Perth for the surgical procedures she provides. This in itself has proven to be an incredibly stable platform to deliver customers, and more specifically the right customers, to her business. This has resulted in Dr Anh being booked out for surgical procedures between 6 to 12 weeks in advance. It must be mentioned that surgical treatments are a very stable part of Dr Anh’s business.

When looking at the other two dimensions of Dr Anh’s business (Non-Surgical and Wellness), Surf Pacific has generated incredible search engine results. These results would suggest that this side of the business has gone equally as well in terms of performance and the revenues generated. The truth is, it hasn’t.

Dr Anh’s goals are simple, as a surgeon, she wishes to fill the diaries of her nurses for non-surgical procedures, allowing her team to generate the core of the income so she could focus on other aspects of the business. In terms of SEO, Surf Pacific have been able to get Dr Anh everywhere she needed to be for non-surgical procedures; at the top of Thermage, IPL Perth and Cosmetic Clinics Perth. It’s clear that we have Dr Anh 65-85% of the way there.

Although these figures indicate that Dr. Anh is seemingly a step ahead of her competition, the fact is, is that this is simply not enough. While SEO is able to bring more customers through the doors, it isn’t bringing the desired volume of customers through the doors. Even at 100% efficiency in terms of SEO, it is still not enough. That is the challenge moving forward.

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