More students for less expense from advertising

How Surf Pacific achieved 13 times more leads via online advertising for an RTO, while saving 20% of the budget and still maintaining a blockbuster enrollment conversion rate of 1 in every 3 leads!

Every RTO has the same goal; more students, less expense.

Through an individualized, formulated and unique approach, the Surf Pacific online advertising department took a modern but flailing RTO and provided 13x more leads in 3 weeks, than they had received in the previous 6 weeks and spent 20% less – while still maintaining their staggering 1:3 enrollment rate.

13xMore Leads

20%Less Spend

1:3Enrolment Rate

About SP RTO*

SP RTO is a leading vocational college in Australia offering a wide range of certificate and diploma level courses.


SP RTO* is a modern, dynamic and forward thinking vocational college. Offering students courses ranging from Business and Horticulture to Counselling, Hospitality and Retail, their campuses and online courses sought an influx of students.

SP RTO partnered with Surf Pacific to manage their marketing in pursuit of a result they had been unable to achieve internally. Due to their size, growth goals and monthly advertising spend, SP RTO engaged the Enterprise solution of our 360 Marketing program. This solution provides 100-hours of studio time each month for a minimum of 12-months.

Within these hours, Surf Pacific can deliver a variety of marketing disciplines including SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, PR, Online Advertising, Social Media, Design, Branding, Web Development and Reputation Management. All of which are discussed via frequent communication with a dedicated Strategy Director.

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