Great marketing, great leads

How Surf Pacific provided 15,000 visits, 30+ high value converting leads and project tender support for a boutique business being severely under-represented.

Through a calculated approach, Surf Pacific took a boutique business with a failing brand and website and turned it into a lead generation powerhouse, showcasing the inspirational portfolio of a little-known industry.


30+high value conversions

About BridgeFab

BridgeFab is a boutique steel fabrication business in a competitive tender industry.


BridgeFab is an established boutique steel fabrication business in an industry that is fast being outsourced to international markets.

Boasting an impressive array of showcase projects and abilities, BridgeFab is in no way a ‘backyard hobby’, however, existing marketing materials were a long way from demonstrating this.

The boutique steel fabrication aspect of the building industry is little known among consumers and even within the building developer circle. The sales environment is traditionally tender or mateship based and as such any representation of the business to an unknown or outside entity has to pack a punch from the very first impression.

BridgeFab contracted Surf Pacific on the Competitive 360 Package providing 20 hours per month to develop a new brand strategy, online marketing campaign and lead generation campaign.

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