February 26, 2016

Case Study: Uber proves the power of experiential marketing

Uber is driving high in consumer perception, despite ongoing multi-state litigation with the competition and government. Although the taxi industry is using its significant influence over governments to eliminate this innovative mode of transport, Uber remains strong.

Uber’s skyrocket growth and expansion of business services have seen home delivery and partnership opportunities, including UberEvents, which enables the purchase of transport for your guests. Uber now extends to a more cost effective ride service with UberPool, a whole new cohort of thrifty users to share a ride and split the cost with another rider heading in the same direction.

Uber’s combination of convenient and affordable transportation, along with a full range of innovative promotions seems to be eclipsing any adverse publicity. Awareness continued to climb from 48% to 75% in Uber awareness polls.

The latest in Uber marketing activity sees new avenues of consumer experience and proves they’re the master of experiential marketing.

Uber Captures Consumer Imagination

Uber has dreamed up and executed another creative and scalable client focused marketing campaign for all pet-lovers. In an industry first, Uber has partnered with several animal welfare groups to deliver the cutest puppy squad on four paws.

Uber puppy imageTo drive awareness and encourage people to try the service, Uber has stirred positive emotions within individuals across Australian workplaces. Uber has taken a transportation service and immersed consumers in a fun and memorable experience by providing a cuddle with a squad of puppies for an estimated time.In support of the participating shelters and rescues, Uber will donate the puppy service profit to help care and find permanent homes for these cuddly canines.

UberPuppies is not the first time Uber has stepped away from general marketing campaigns and lent its wheels to a cuddly cause. UberKittens – a kindred affair unfolded on National Cat day that took workplaces and homes by storm. Since its inception in 2013, the event has found new families for over 30 cats. The featured canines will also be available for adoption. The success of these considerably challenging and innovative campaigns illustrates just how adept Uber’s marketing is.


Adorable animals are undeniably an ideal subject to create a social media buzz. The campaign was fuelled by social media accounts including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to broadcast workplace snuggles with Uber’s furry friends in eight cities across Australia.  The workplaces that were lucky enough to enjoy the company of these cuddly canines were encouraged to engage on social media platforms, incorporating the hashtag #UberPuppies.

2 puppiesConsumer experience and engagement is undeniably at the forefront of this marketing campaign.  As an imperative component to interest consumers with a brand, Uber’s measure in the ability to make a connection with the audience and, ultimately, form a following inspired by a unique experience is commended.

While the success of the campaign will have to be determined, based on the consumer response to UberKittens, it is predicted that the UberPuppies campaign will project similar success.  Not to mention that the Surf Pacific office have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our UberPuppies all day.