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March 18, 2016

Case Study: Red Bull – Social Media Empire

An energy drink phenomenon and ‘extreme’ marketing leader, Red Bull continues to reach new heights as a brand sensation on a global scale.

Across the marketing board, Red Bull encompasses social media into every campaign – commencing technical integration on digital properties, content strategy for social channels, onsite integration at events and research into user sharing patterns. These marketing efforts focus entirely on the consumer, inspiring engagement and influencing action. The result? High-impact messaging that is both authentic and personal.

A leader in successful and innovative social campaigns; Red Bull has accumulated a network community of more than 55 million followers across all social channels. The integration of marketing platforms has placed them on the pinnacle as one of the most comprehensive and experimental media companies in the world.

For an action-packed branding framework, you need an action-packed social media strategy and Red Bull certainly delivers; notably in creativity and engagement.

Facebook: streamline of visual brilliance

Red Bull has a rising 45 million likes on Facebook with maximum engagement on video content. Red Bull’s Facebook platform features a perfect combination of informative, entertaining, and vibrant content, which attract and interest consumers. They have mastered the integration of innovation, sport and brand messaging – something no other brand can perform as well. Red Bull’s creativity, video effects, vibrant color scheme and unique shots place them top of mind.


Red Bull’s Facebook content is everything you would expect from a universally praised brand; simply mind blowing.  The notorious tagline ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ is splashed across the platform and elegantly reflected in all action-shot imagery. Red Bull avoids direct product sale, instead, they focus on the brand values and vision. The brand promotes an active and thrilling way of life, which continues to entice the audience.

They incorporate short, witty, word-play into every piece of visual content. The captions attract the audience, have them wanting more and lead them to the video to fulfil their curiosity. Red Bull commit to engaging with their audience through Facebook comments that discuss the posted content or address questions.

Twitter: engaging human appeal

With 2.12 million Twitter followers and climbing, Red Bull’s Twitter account exhausts the benefits of this platform and tailors their strategy to this page and audience. The content streamed on Twitter is image based, which allows the feed to be easily shared. This instantly delivers a ‘wow’ factor in terms of the image story “a picture is worth a thousand words.”


To ensure a consistent theme and vision across the social media platforms, the Twitter content is also based on speed, sport and motion. A more informal and playful approach is evident within this medium with short, amusing and captivating captions. This connects with the audience and reveals a human side to the brand. Red Bull also take advantage of retweets and tags popular users to cross into multiple audience feeds and increase their brand reach.  Engagement is a key player in Red Bull campaigns, coupled with motivating and involving their followers.

Instagram: connection of colorful vision

Red Bull have 4.4 million followers on Instagram and rightly so! Red Bull’s Instagram is visually inspiring, colorful, action-packed and energetic. They have incorporated a powerful mix of image and video, showcasing a more global vision and theme in the content.  This platform encompasses storytelling from the perspective of numerous people in exotic locations while they perform daring actions, pushing Red Bull’s brand value and tagline.


Red Bull’s Instagram is all about sports, adventure and lifestyle while also personalising the medium with posts of individuals indulging in Red Bull. The social media strategy is framed around showcasing extraordinary abilities, making people feel a part of the experience and connecting with the audience as a brand.

Event-driven marketing

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Red Bull’s social media presence is everywhere. The social media strategies embrace the brand and consumer engagement, but for the most effective audience response, Red Bull implements event-driven marketing. Brands can produce large quantities of quality content surrounding a popular event and triple audience interest. Red Bull effectively follows the principles of event-driven marketing using celebrated events to increase their content production and social media engagement. What is clearly evident is that Red Bull pushes social activity in the lead up to sport, music and other consumer driven events.

Red Bull frames their social media platforms around one conceptually beautiful idea: making dreams come true. They want to motivate their audience and instil the idea that anything is possible.