April 11, 2016

Case Study: Nourished Life

Nourished Life enjoys their devoted following and business growth surrounding the brand’s core purpose and values that remain the foundation for business practices and strategies.

Nourished Life is the latest discovery in natural and certified organic products to help you live a happy, healthy Nourished Life. From leading organic beauty products to clean eating recipes and healthy living tips, Nourished Life is the lifeboat to our sinking ship of toxins and chemicals.

An astounding volume of conventional beauty brands fabricate their products using toxic and synthetic ingredients that have harsh effects on our internal systems. Research has revealed that our skin absorbs up to 60-90% of the ingredients we put onto our body. These chemicals reach our bloodstreams within minutes. Synthetic preservatives and fragrances and an extensive list of low-grade bi-products from the oil industry have been accredited to causing skin irritations, disrupting our hormones, neurotoxicity and can in more severe cases cause cancer.

In response to these hidden toxins in once-trusted beauty brands, Irene Falcone founded Nourished Life – the absolute strictest natural beauty and health store online. Nourished Life is an eco-chic organic and natural beauty store specialising in certified organic beauty, kids, and lifestyle products to detox and nourish your life.

Honouring your brand purpose and values

In today’s ever-changing marketing landscape, brands face the challenge to endlessly adapt. A brand vision provides guidance about the business elements to preserve and what to change. The rare ability to balance change and continuity with a consciously disciplined brand is closely linked to the strength of a brand vision.

Nourished life founderFor Nourished Life, sourcing the very best natural skin care, health and beauty products from the biggest brands around the world is their prescriptive framework which adds clarity and consistency to the business concept.  If they altered their core purpose from absolute natural beauty and health products, the business values would break down and significantly impact their business practices in this niche market.


Nourished Life has two principal notions within their framework; the core business ideology and envisioned future.

Core ideology combines an organization’s core values and core purpose. Nourished Life is the strictest natural beauty store to provide clients the confidence to know that every single product offered has been meticulously researched and tested. The company’s core purpose is the fundamental reason for their being – the support system driving their growth and essential change.

The second framework component is the envisioned future. A company must embrace a discovery process, identify long-term goals, and articulate the framework to achieve them.

Nourished Life is a truly visionary company motivated by preserving the core vision and stimulating progress. Nourished Life spoils their customers with choice when it comes to natural and organic products that are effective, affordable and accessible. Customers can buy with confidence within this consciously disciplined business framework. Transparency and honesty of the Nourished Life business practices have gained them positive media exposure shared across all advertising platforms.

Customer engagement

Nourished Life creates valuable content which resonates with their consumer. They have established their own media channels to earn lifelong, inbound clients.

Customer engagement encourages consumers to interact with your brand, share experiences and support your business activity. Nourished Life has implemented content framed around customer interests, including their all-inclusive blog stream and social media channels. These platforms help connect thousands of women to organic and toxic-free products, chats about the latest news, product reviews, and toxin-free living tips.

Nourished Life instagram

Irene Falcone is a business leader committed to customer engagement, embarking on a journey to become a preeminent leader in her field. She is heavily involved in customer conversations through social media platforms and emails. Irene maximises the relationship between consumer and brand.

Business partners and affiliates

This tenant of business growth involves utilising the customers, resources, and overhead of others within your brand universe to create a global army of partners and affiliates. Expanding your company influence with networks and resources through appropriate partners and affiliates will help evolve your marketing landscape. Nourished Life has established themselves as an authority and trusted body in the industry, endorsed by an assembly of passionate followers and other major industry influences.

Collaboration of talent and influence

Companies are on the incessant drive to expand awareness and grow business operations. Partnerships and alliances within your brand universe bring together an army of talent that benefits all parties involved. Frequently, business success is accredited not through single vision but by collaboration. Nourished Life successfully established an affiliate program with high-profile industry bodies that propelled the business exposure. They gained a well-established position that attracted media attention with content being shared across numerous blogs and social media channels.

Nourished Life has been featured in Vogue, Woman’s Day, Elle, Lorna Jayne Active Living, Channel 9 Mornings, Australian Natural Health, Sunday Life, Cosmopolitan, and more.