Total Marketing Mastery

5:30pm AEST | Wednesday 15th June, 2016

Learn the Strategies for Total Marketing Mastery with Surf Pacific

The Total Marketing Mastery course empowers you with all the understanding you need to strategically align and market your business for unmatched, previously unattained business success.

It’s no secret that success is derived from planning and implementing the best strategies at the right time. No matter the business type, strategic marketing and its derivatives, empowers business owners to take back their time, money and future.

The Total Marketing Mastery course breaks down the success of industry leaders like Apple, Facebook, Zappos and American Express to provide you with a step by step strategic blueprint to avoid failure and continually evolve for new levels of growth.

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Expert Speakers

Gregory Gray - Solution & Strategy Architect

Greg is a sales impresario, marketing hurricane and lover of all things cinema. His career began after studying film direction at The BRIT School of Performing Arts creating digital marketing and websites for the biggest names in film. This included, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, Tim Burton, as well as the 007 films back when Pierce Brosnan was Bond. After moving from London to Australia in 2000 with his family Greg built, franchised and sold multiple businesses in the marketing-communications sector while still in his early-twenties. Always opting to blaze a trail rather than follow the well-beaten path, Greg leads the strategic direction and vision of Surf Pacific. Greg specializes in principles of luxury strategy taught exclusively in France and London and practiced by global groups and superlative brands such as, LVMH, Chanel, Rolex, Ferrari and Mandarin-Oriental hotels. This is an entirely different to traditional marketing thinking. For example, no ‘positioning’ in luxury exists. Industries served include: Healthcare, Financial Services, Film, B2B, Membership Services and Small Business.

James Gray - Managing Director

As Managing Director of Surf Pacific, James Gray has helped establish, grow and develop the company into a leading digital marketing agency across Australia, the UK and America. From the young age of 15, James was setting and sitting appointments with industry leaders to share his idea of what Surf Pacific could do for their company. Over the past 15 years, James has managed every area of Surf Pacific, setting a level of professionalism and excellence that caries through each employee today. James is responsible for a significant amount of Surf Pacific’s client portfolio and makes it his mission to personally evaluate and assess the results from our campaigns to ensure they maintain the level of excellence he presented to them upon his first meeting. Most of James clients have stayed with Surf Pacific for 8-9 years and have grown with our company, adopting new services as we offer them.

The 7 Maximisation Strategies of Successful Marketing

The Total Marketing Mastery course is comprised of 7 Maximisation Strategies for Successful Marketing. The 7 Maximisation Strategies will be uncovered and discussed in session 1 of Total Marketing Mastery.

Strategy 1: Business Narrative

Only 3% of your target market is looking to buy right now. They just haven’t decided who to buy from. All commerce is driven by this percentage and the attainment of it. Of the remaining 97%, 7% are open to what you sell but not currently looking, while the remaining 90% of your audience are not thinking about, or do not see a need for your product. A Business Narrative shortens the buying process and shifts your buying criteria to appeal to a much broader audience, motivating buyers who once didn’t even consider you to take action and seek out your product or service.

Strategy 2: Attraction

We have exited the interruption economy and now live in the attraction economy. Newspaper ads interrupt your reading. Television ads interrupt your viewing. Business can no longer afford to be romantic about the black and white newspaper ad that used to work or the Google ad they ran back in 2005 that cost a measly 32 cents per click. Attraction is all about marketing for the age we live in with the goal of driving the highest quality leads to your business.

Strategy 3: Formalised Referral Systems

What would you say is your main source of new business? More wealth is created and lost through word of mouth than any other business action. Think about how many referrals you get accidentally right now. Then multiply that number by ten. Then double it. And then redouble it. Relatively low-cost, formalised referral systems can bring an immediate increase in customers and income, allowing you to multiply your sales revenues by 200%.

Strategy 4: Engagement

Whilst the majority of your competitors struggle to find customers using outdated outbound efforts, become your own media and earn lifetime clients. Committing to an engagement strategy, means you are embarking on a journey to become the preeminent leader in your field. When this happens, the conversion rate skyrockets and more of those attracted prospects become real clients faster and in greater numbers. Implementing a well-executed engagement strategy, businesses are able to foster brand growth and loyalty whilst creating new leads and improving brand awareness.

Strategy 5: Risk Reversal

One of the greatest competitive advantages your business can have is making it easier for your clients to say “yes” instead of “no” and buying from a competitor instead of you. Through implementing risk reversal strategies you are able to eliminate the risk that exists in every transaction which potentially prevents a prospect from doing business with you. Lowering the barrier to engagement, eliminates whatever primary obstacles put a chokehold on your business opening the door for an influx of new clients.

Strategy 6: Reputation Management

The internet provides an opportunity to connect with your audience at scale, and with an intimacy that was never before possible. Customers are no longer passively consuming reviews, recommendations, and advertising collateral; they are actively discussing, reviewing and critiquing your products and services, all the time. Reputation management can allow you to leverage the customers who love you and build a tribe of supporters who are willing to broadcast your services.

Strategy 7: Transaction Frequency

It can cost six to seven times more to attract a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one, yet most business focus on attaining new business rather than maximising what they currently have. Increasing the buying frequency of your product or service can significantly grow your business and increase your profit margins. Transaction frequency strategies are designed to educate your consumer on the need for the continued purchase of your product, locking in repeat sales for years to come.


Dr Anh Nguyen

Leading Plastic Surgeon, Perth

The comprehensive marketing approach has delivered over 3,300 online enquiries…. And I couldn’t be happier

Dr Neville Nolly

Dentist, Sydney

Tripling the enquiries of 6 months in 1 month has set me up for growth

Smart City

RTO, Queensland

We increased our leads by 1300% in just 3 weeks with Surf Pacific

Anthony Ridout

Construction, Queensland

Our marketing now enhances our reputation allowing over 30 new large projects in the last year.

Event Information


Registration closes 4pm Friday 10th June 2016

Event Schedule

Session 1 – 5pm Wednesday 15th June 2016

Session 2 – This will be confirmed individually due to the one-on-one nature of this session

Required Technology

A strong internet connection is required to ensure the presentation is effective.

A headset or speakers in a private location is also recommended.

Session 1

The 7 Maximisation Strategies of Successful Marketing 5pm – 8pm on Wednesday 15th June 2016.

Session 2

This session is a one-on-one session with your personal Strategic Director in which we will discuss your personal business situation and how to best implement the 7 Maximisation Strategies and 5 Growth Strategies for success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I invite a friend to the Total Marketing Mastery course?

Yes. Send your friend the link to register their interest for Total Marketing Mastery and we’ll be in touch with them to arrange their enrolment.

Q. Will slides be provided prior to session 1?

The presentation slides will not be provided prior to the session 1 webinar, this is to ensure attendees remain engaged with the presentation at all times.

Q. Will I be able to ask personal questions during the webinar?

The webinar includes interactive elements that allows personal input however it is recommended that all questions specific to your situation and your business are covered in the one-on-one session. This will ensure your questions are answered by a dedicated strategic director with all aspects of your business in mind.

Q. What happens if I cannot connect to the webinar? Do I get a refund?

If you have issues connecting to the webinar please contact us by phone. We will work with you to ensure a connection is made possible. If you still have issues after this we will provide you with a recording of the webinar session.

Q. Can I get a discount?

Earlybird pricing and group pricing options are available. Please register your interest and we will discuss pricing options and relevant discounts with you at this time.

Q. What happens if I lose the details on how to access the webinar?

Access details for the webinar will be sent out on the day of the event. This will be sent to your registered email address. If you have not received the details by 12pm please check your spam folder and then contact us.

Q. What if I am unavailable for the one-on-one session?

A member of our team will be in touch to arrange a time for your one-on-one session that fits with your calendar.

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